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I have loved reading for as long as I can remember.  One of my most vivid memories as a child is getting grounded for life because I was so engrossed in Oliver Twist that I didn’t hear my dad tell me to get out of his chair and help with chores.  Maybe it is so vivid because it has become that story.  The one that gets told every Christmas when they remind me how many years of being grounded I have left.  Grounded for life means until you are 42 by the way.  No idea how he came up with 42 but I still have a while to go before I am free of that story.

My love of books goes further than that.  We often waited in the library for my mum to finish up with her lesson plans or if she had to speak to a parent (the joys of your mother working at the school you attend) so there is something comforting about the smell of books.  I am quite happy to curl up with a book on the weekend and read it all in one go.  So when I saw that Demeter Fragrance Library had a scent called Paperback, I had to get it.

Demeter Custom Blend CBBScentMemory

Demeter offered to make up a custom scent memory blending set for me based on my paperback memory plus send a set based on the CEO’s memories.  They paired my paperback cologne with espresso and lemon meringue pie.  I am more likely to have a cup of tea and some British chocolate with my book but somehow the scents together really do take my brain to being curled up in my dad’s chair or my favourite jumbo bean bag at the library.

Demeter Fragrance Library – Paperback

Demeter Paperback CBBScentMemory Open Book

Demeter Paperback Perfect You CBBScentMemory

Alone, Demeter’s Paperback doesn’t smell exactly like books.  Kinda sweet and musty at the same time but it does remind me of stepping into a used book store.

Demeter describes it as A trip to your favorite library or used bookstore. Sweet and lovely with just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper, Paperback harnesses that scent with a sprinkling of violets and a dash of tasteful potpourri.  I get more vanilla sweetness than violets but you get the warm comforting feeling of curling up in bed with a used book, a warm drink and thick socks, all cozy on a winter day.

Paperback is a little too musty for me to wear as a single scent so I am really happy with the scents Demeter paired it with, they mix so well.

Demeter Fragrance Library – Espresso

Demeter Espresso CBBScentMemorry

I can count the times I have had an espresso on one hand.  Give me a cup of tea any day and espresso is way too strong for this tea lover.  Plus I love a big mug of tea, forget these dainty little cups smaller than my grandma’s tea cups.  Having said that, I love the scent of Demeter Espresso and it mixes so well with Paperback.  I think what was missing from Paperback was the going cold coffee of the library or used book store employee.

Espresso is rich and sweet which combines with the mustyness of Paperback to make a warm and inviting scent with a slight pick-me-up touch.

Demeter Fragrance Library – Lemon Meringue

Demeter Lemon Meringue CBBScentMemorry

Lemon Meringue is my least favourite of the three and I would never wear it alone.  That day when I got grounded for reading involved cleaning with lemon furniture polish, something I had not thought of for years but combined with Paperback and Espresso, it came flooding back.  It does combine so well with them to give the scent some depth.  My other half thinks it smells like his grandma’s lemon meringue pie though so it definitely is all about memories.

Demeter Fragrance Library sells singular scents you can wear alone or layer.  You can find select scents at some Real Canadian Superstore locations or order online.  Next on my list to try: Earl Grey Tea, Gemini (Moonlight) and Candy Cane Truffle (for Christmas).  Not for layering as I don’t think they will mix well but I want them all and I think tea and paperback is a great match.

Press samples were received for review purposes.

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  1. I LOVE LEMON MERINGUE SO MUCH. yum! these sound like a great trio together. i don’t drink coffee either but the scent of coffee and books sounds lovely.

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