Donut Day Nail Art

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

Did you know that today is Donut Day?  I have wanted to try donut themed nailart for ages so it seemed like the perfect time.  I finally picked up the pack of ten different acrylic paints from Dollarama, so they got tested in this design too.

Donut Day Nail Art Supplies

Donut Day Jun 3 Nails Supplies

This one used quite a few polishes as I did a gradient base and sprinkles on each donut

  • Essence The Gel in Play With My Mint
  • Essence The Gel in Indian Summer
  • Essence The Gel in Lucky
  • Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Adora-bleu
  • Essie Gel Setter topcoat
  • Essence Satin Matt topcoat
  • Quo glossy topcoat (mini)

I started with a gradient of Play With My Mint, Adora-Bleu and Lucky mostly because I couldn’t decide what colour would look best under my donut nailart.  Any colour that will make the beige pop will do.  Top with a glossy top coat and let dry fully.  The top coat will allow you to fix any mistakes when you make the donuts with acrylic paint.

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

There is no tan in this set of acrylic paints, so I mixed Burnt Sienna with white and a touch of yellow to make the base donut shape.  Using a small brush, paint it on in circles allow to dry and add a second coat for full opacity.

Once dry, mix some Burnt Sienna with a touch of black acrylic paint for the chocolate frosting on your donuts and allow to dry fully before adding some sprinkles using Indian Summer and Play With My Mint.

Add a matte top coat because donuts are not shiny then go over just the frosting/sprinkles with a glossy top coat.  I found it easier to use a mini bottle of topcoat for this as the brush was smaller but you could always use a nailart brush to add the glossy top coat.

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  1. Awesome nail art! I love how you used the topcoats to make it even more realistic!

  2. So so so cute!! Love this nail art, you are really talented.

  3. Aw how cute are these!

  4. They look so yummy.. My stomach spontaneously started growling upon the sight of this fantastic manicure!

  5. This is super cute!

  6. This is completely stunning! I wish I was better at this kind of nail art because it is so fun!

  7. Love all the donut nail art! The color choices are spot on!

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