Donut Day Nail Art

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

Did you know that today is Donut Day?  I have wanted to try donut themed nailart for ages so it seemed like the perfect time.  I finally picked up the pack of ten different acrylic paints from Dollarama, so they got tested in this design too.

Donut Day Nail Art Supplies

Donut Day Jun 3 Nails Supplies

This one used quite a few polishes as I did a gradient base and sprinkles on each donut

  • Essence The Gel in Play With My Mint
  • Essence The Gel in Indian Summer
  • Essence The Gel in Lucky
  • Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Adora-bleu
  • Essie Gel Setter topcoat
  • Essence Satin Matt topcoat
  • Quo glossy topcoat (mini)

I started with a gradient of Play With My Mint, Adora-Bleu and Lucky mostly because I couldn’t decide what colour would look best under my donut nailart.  Any colour that will make the beige pop will do.  Top with a glossy top coat and let dry fully.  The top coat will allow you to fix any mistakes when you make the donuts with acrylic paint.

Donut Day Jun 3 Nail Art

There is no tan in this set of acrylic paints, so I mixed Burnt Sienna with white and a touch of yellow to make the base donut shape.  Using a small brush, paint it on in circles allow to dry and add a second coat for full opacity.

Once dry, mix some Burnt Sienna with a touch of black acrylic paint for the chocolate frosting on your donuts and allow to dry fully before adding some sprinkles using Indian Summer and Play With My Mint.

Add a matte top coat because donuts are not shiny then go over just the frosting/sprinkles with a glossy top coat.  I found it easier to use a mini bottle of topcoat for this as the brush was smaller but you could always use a nailart brush to add the glossy top coat.

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