DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - To Go Cup

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - To Go Cup Packaging

These DAVIDsTEA Soup Tea reviews are so overdue but I had a cold and couldn’t taste much.  Makes it hard to review teas!  I will start with Spicy Rasam as this is one I could definitely smell and taste despite the cold.  It smells delicious from the loose soup tea mix.  Spicy, curry and just what you want to warm you up on a cold day.

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - To Go Cup

The small to-go cups come with a sample bag inside so completely sealed and cost $3 while you can grab a larger bag to make multiple soup teas at home for $12.  Each soup has a different coloured to-go cup and matching spoon.  So you can sip it as a savoury tea or drink it as a heartier soup tea with the spoon.

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - Rasam Soup Mix from DAVIDsTEA

Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Ingredients: Salt, fennel, tomato, cumin, turmeric, green tea, ginger, celery, black pepper, chili peppers, cloves, garlic, silicon dioxide.

How to make DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas

If you are using the to-go cup, it has a smaller sample so add 10oz/300ml water instead of the 16oz/475ml in the instructions.  I tried mine as a hearty soup tea to get the full taste.  This one may be better as a clear broth but spoiler – not loving DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea.

Review of DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam Soup Tea Review - Cup of Spicy Rasam Soup

At 20% of recommended sodium intake, these pack a salty punch.  But most pre-mix soups are heavy on salt.  At only 5 calories per cup, Spicy Rasam has the potential to be amazing in winter.  But it fell short for me.  You can pick up these spices easily, even in combination for many of them and make your own for much less.  Probably with a lot more flavour too.

DAVIDsTEA Spicy Rasam smelled amazing.  But the taste just wasn’t there for me.  Rather than taste like it, it just tasted watery with a spicy aftertaste and a gritty mouthful of the ingredients that do not soften in the 5 minutes or so it tastes to steep.  It also tastes like there is a lot more salt in there than many soups with more.  Salty curry water just isn’t my kind of thing.  This one was a miss for me.

I have reviews on Tomato Turmeric and Rosemary Black Pepper to come, so check back!

DAVIDsTEA Soup Tea Review - Spicy Rasam Soup Tea


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  1. Too bad these fell short. Davids Tea is always coming up with new things which is awesome! I usually like my soups with a noodle or something more substantial though!

  2. Very bright! I like the unique tea flavour

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