Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask Gift Set Review

Avon Face Masks Beauty Boost

Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask Gift Set

One to add to your holiday wishlist! Avon has a new set of face masks meant for multi-masking for any skin type.  The Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask set is a little pricy at $30 but includes a serum and six masks.  Use them individually or combine them into your perfect multi-mask for combination skin.  At $30, it is a treat but as you know, Avon often has special offers.

Avon Face Masks Beauty Boost

The single use Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask samples are 8g each and just enough for a thin layer on your full face but better when combined to target areas.  The kit includes

  • Brightening Mask: Glow with a green tea and vitamin C clay mask
  • Detox Mask: Purify with charcoal and green clay mask
  • Soothing Mask: Gently calm with aloe vera cream mask
  • Moisturizing Mask: Hydrate with hyaluronic acid cream mask
  • Firming Mask: Tone with green coffee and honey gel mask
  • Energizing Mask:  Revitalize with ginger and caffeine cream mask
  • Super Booster Serum: Maximizes each mask’s benefits

Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask Set Review

Avon Beauty Boost Facemask Gift Set - Mask Types with Serum - Whats in the box

I was sick when I tried this and had a red rough nose.  So I tried the Detox mask on my t-zone, Soothing mask around my nose and Moisturizing mask on my cheeks which tend to be dry.  The remaining masks work well for a full face mask as they are not as targeted to skin type.  The serum is nice, soaks in well and not too greasy.

The Detox clay mask is a nice consistency.  It spreads easily and there is some left after doing my t-zone so could probably do a full face in a very thin layer.  It dried well and removed easily with warm water on a face cloth.  Always a plus with clay masks as some need to be scrubbed off undoing the work.

The Soothing and Moisturizing masks in the Avon Beauty Boost face mask set are meant to be rinsed off and did not soak in.  They were slightly tacky still after 15 minutes but rinsed easily with luke warm water.

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