DAVIDsTea Blueberry Jam Tea

DavidsTea Blueberry Jam Tea Loose

DavidsTea Blueberry Jam Tea Loose

I know I am supposed to using up my teas so I can buy more, but when I got a bag of DAVIDsTEA Blueberry Jam in a box of Garnier products from ChickAdvisor, I had to taste test it.  I mean tea is best fresh right, so to give a full review, it needs to be at its best.

Blueberry Jam tea is a fruity mix of black tea with black currants, blueberries, elderberries, cornflower petals and stevia with some raspeberry and blueberry flavouring.  It smells like jam when you open the bag, with a licorice undertone.  Plus it has cornflowers and cornflowers in black teas just always look perfect.

DavidsTea Blueberry Jam Tea Packaging

Given the insane blueberry jam smell when you open the bag and the number of berries mixed in the tea (note to self, taking photos of tea on the floor with cats around is a bad idea) I was surprised that the tea was not blue.  The flavour is definitely there, but the tea looks pretty much like a regular black tea.  I guess it is a good thing as blue mouth is not a good look anyway so you can drink this on the go.

Blueberries might just be the greatest fruit around – after all, they’re the star ingredient of North America’s favourite muffin. And hundreds of years before moms were making them into jams, jellies and cakes, blueberries were called “star berries” and revered for their healing powers. Another little known fact about blueberries is that they make for one great cup of tea – when you blend them with black tea, elderberries, cornflowers and stevia, it’s the perfect companion to your morning toast. 

DAVIDsTEA Blueberry Jam Steeping Instructions

  • 1.25 tsp per cup
  • 96°C / 204°F
  • 4-7 minutes steep time

Since this tea does have Stevia, do not let it steep too long or you will get that Stevia aftertaste that ruins the tea.  3-4 minutes was plenty to bring out the taste of the blueberries without oversteeping for me.  It isn’t overly sweet or tart, but has a fresh berry taste where you can still enjoy the black tea base.

This tea impressed me because he asked if it was just a sample or if we had more.  Since his idea of drinking tea is the occasional cup of Red Rose and whatever else I force him to taste test, DAVIDsTEA Blueberry Jam definitely has something going for it.

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10 Replies to “DAVIDsTea Blueberry Jam Tea”

  1. Yum this sounds so tasty! I love blueberries so I bet I’d love this

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It is really good, just the smell of the open bag. Now, if I go to buy the kitty cup, can I resist buying tea?

  2. Ooh, I think my husband would really like this, and his birthday is coming up!

  3. This tea is wonderful iced as well 🙂

  4. Anne Dougherty says: Reply

    such a pretty looking tea 🙂

  5. Ooh that looks like it would be very tasty,I am always looking for different teas to try

  6. this sounds awesome , i love tea …this would be so tasty !

  7. I got this with as well with Garnier products from ChickAdvisor. I loved the smell of it just like blueberry jam but these types of teas are not my thing s I will pass it off to my sister and she will love it.

  8. wow this sounds absolutely amazing! I am actually craving to try it right now

  9. Sounds lovely! I love blueberries, must try!

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