DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas - First Impressions

I will admit to being a little weirded out by these and have not tried them yet.  So expect reviews in the coming week or so.  But DAVIDsTEA launched some new tea-ware and soup teas today.  If you are confused by “soup teas” join the club.  But they are savory teas that include ingredients like tomato and turmeric with a green tea base.  You can brew them as a broth and remove the tea or for a heartier soup tea, leave the ingredients in the cup.  There are three varieties.  You can get a single serving in a DAVIDsTEA cup with spoon for $3 or a bag of 150g for $12 for all three.  The single serving 10oz cups come with 5g so you should get 30 servings from the bag.

How to make DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas

The “brewing” instructions are the same for all three varieties.  For a broth, use one Perfect Spoon of your chosen DAVIDsTEA Soup Tea in a filter or infuser.  Add 475ml of near boiling water and steep for 4 minutes or according to taste preference.  For a heartier soup tea, skip the filter or infuser and leave the ingredients in your bowl.  The 10oz cups that come with 5g of the soup teas are closer to 300ml so you will get less soup teas using a Perfect Spoon.  It is the perfect amount for a 16oz Nordic Mug though.

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas – Tomato Turmeric

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas Tomato Turmeric

I love a good tomato soup so DAVIDsTEA Tomato Turmeric Soup Tea is the one I am most looking forward to trying.    It combines all the rich, nostalgic tomato soup flavour you loved as a kid, celery and a glowing pop of turmeric with antioxidant-rich green tea.

Ingredients: Tomato, salt, green tea, celery, turmeric, garlic, silicon dioxide.

Serve hearty with a grilled cheese sandwich or just enjoy this warming broth on colder days (unlike the heatwave in the GTA this week).

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas – Spicy RasamDAVIDSTEA Soup Teas

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas Spicy Rasam

A blend of cumin, turmeric and green tea gives this a firey curried kick that will warm up any cold day.  This steamy South Indian-style curry blend is the hottest of the three soup teas but full of good for you ingredients.  Salt is the first ingredient though if you are watching your intake.

Ingredients: Salt, fennel, tomato, cumin, turmeric, green tea, ginger, celery, black pepper, chili peppers, cloves, garlic, silicon dioxide.

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas – Rosemary Black Pepper

DAVIDsTEA Soup Teas Rosemary Black Pepper

I was glad to see tomato as an ingredient in this as I was thinking it would be too herby.  Healthy and invigorating, this soup tea will also warm you up on a cold day thanks to cracked black pepper but is also energizing.  Also salt as a first ingredient on this one which seems to be the main complaint about them.

Ingredients: Salt, tomato, dandelion, black pepper, rosemary, basil, green tea, garlic, silicon dioxide

I have to say, I was amused that the individual pages still have iced tea instructions and not the main soup tea instructions.  The nutritional values are also missing on these online but they have little in the way of calorie heavy ingredients.  Find the soup teas here.

Photos courtesy DAVIDsTEA.com

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