Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with Avon Cleaning Tools

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat and Brush Holder

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Solutions

I hate cleaning my makeup brushes.  It is always a toss up between using them all and cleaning every brush I own at once or doing them more often.  Drying and storing them is also an issue as Daisy is a bit of a klepto and makeup brushes are fairly high on her list of things to steal.  She has a little cat cove somewhere with piles of missing stuff, I just haven’t found it yet.  Avon recently sent me some tools to help clean my brushes and keep them safe from klepto-kitty, so how did they perform?

Avon Brush Cleaner in a Tin – Buy It

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaner in a Tin

Remove powder makeup from your brushes in between washes.  Simply sweep your makeup brushes over the dry sponge a few times.  Once pigment is removed and move on to a new shade or just go longer between washes.  The sponge can be removed and washed, just allow it to dry fully before putting it back in the tin.

I already use a Quo cleanser that you spray on between washes to help my brushes last a little longer between washes but it is nice that it is a dry alternative.  Not sure it removes all of the powder, especially if it gets deep into the brush but great for cleaning it enough to switch colours without wetting the brush.

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Silicone Mat – Buy It

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

With various surfaces to clean and rinse your brushes, the silicone makeup brush mat from Avon is a great timesaver.  Similar to the Sigma Spa mat, use the bigger heart shaped area to clean face brushes and the smaller crosses for eyeshadow brushes.  Then rinse on the smaller areas above to get all of the makeup and soap out.

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - In Use Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - Various Brush Sizes

The suction cups keep it in place. The rounded piece at the top allows you to form fit the mat around the drain.  The Avon mat is 23 x 17 cm so a good size to do multiple brushes.  Those tiny mats just end up annoying me but this one worked for all of my brushes.

Avon Makeup Brush & Beauty Tool Holder – Buy It

Avon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat and Brush Holder

Meant for small tools and even keeping lipsticks etc standing up, the beauty tool organizer from Avon doubles as a brush holder.  The silicone pieces can be easily moved to fit larger items and small ones it in between slots.  I just turned it on its side to keep my brushes straight while drying.  Plus it keeps them safe from Daisy who can’t pull them out of the snug slots!  I just have to be careful of the large handled or double ended brushes.


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