Adagio Masters Collection Review

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Anhui Keemun - Fujian Silver Needle - Hsinchu Oriental Beauty

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Anhui Keemun - Fujian Silver Needle - Hsinchu Oriental Beauty

Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to a cup of something special right? Adagio Masters teas are hand processed limited production batches to bring you the finest and freshest teas that you can get from a fairly large tea company. Can you get finer teas elsewhere, probably but the Adagio Masters are pretty affordable for the quality and ship from the US so no major wait times.

I chose a sample size of a white, oolong and black tea to try out the Masters Collection. If you order direct from their Masters Teas site, you can get even smaller batches and sample packs to try out. However, they also have a bestseller collection of Masters Teas on the main Adagio site too.

Adagio Anhui Keemun (Masters Collection)

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Anhui Keemun Tea Reviews

I could drink this tea forever. Adagio Anhui Keemun is a black tea with a gentle smokiness to it. Rounded out with a chocolatey slightly fruity and oak, it is really interesting ans smooth. I expected more bitterness when I read the description, but from first sip, I loved this. It can be resteeped for a second less smokey cuppa too so well worth the price tag.

Adagio jin kong que - Masters Teas

Want to take your black tea to the next level? The Masters Collection features Jin Kong Que (Golden Peacock). It has large leaves and notes of honey, toastiness, cocoa, and roasted sweet potato. It too manages to balance all those favours without bitterness. It was harvested in April-May of this year and machine fired and roasted for an hour to bring out all the flavours.

Adagio Hsinchu Oriental Beauty (Masters Collection)

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Hsinchu Oriental Beauty Tea Review

I do love a good Oolong. Adagio Hsinchu Oriental Beauty has white, green, yellow, red and brown leaves. The oxidation of this tea starts still on the plant. The leaf hopper insect bites the leaves starting a chemical reaction that brings the honey flavour in this Oolong though. You get a gentle sweetness and light fruit taste to this subtle oolong. Best when it has slightly cooled and the flavours linger a bit.

Adagio Traditional Ti Kuan Yin

Looking for something similar but even better? The Adagio Masters Traditional Ti Kuan Yin is a wulong that bring the sweetness of a roasted oolong with the floral notes of a green one. Tightly rolled Anxi grown leaf, gently roasted for a cup that is soft and balanced with sweet honey-floral notes and a delicate flinty minerality.

Adagio Fujian Silver Needle (Masters Collection)

Adagio Masters Tea Review - Fujian Silver Needle Tea Review

Finally, Adagio Fujian Silver Needle. As promised, this delightful white tea has notes of cucumber-melon with a slight sweetness. It can oversteep easily so watch the temperature and timing but is gorgeous watching the leaves slightly unfurl as it steeps. It is very feathery compared to some other Silver Needles I have tried and a slightly more floral flavour. Very smooth though and well worth trying.

Adagio Bai Hao Yin Zhen Masters Teas

This one had the closest “match” in the Masters Tea sister site. Adagio Bai Hao Yin Zhen is from the Fuding region of China rather than Fuji but promises the same notes of honeydew melon, cucumber and sweetness with a touch of mineral.

On my list to try from the Adagio Masters Teas sister site are

  • Formosa Ruby 18 Black – with notes of spice, caramel and vanilla bean
  • Gong Ting Puerh – a mellow smooth puerh with notes of anise, mineral and plum with a sweetness
  • Muzha Tie Guan Jin Oolong – a smooth cup with notes of honey, blossoms and mineral
  • Yin Hao Long Zhu – Jasmine Dragon Pearls

I think I will pick up a couple of the samplers. You get 3-4 teas to try for $24-29US with samples making around 5 cups each (and some allow multiple infusions). Not bad for higher end teas.

For Canada, Adagio Masters uses DHL for shipping. Mine came via DHL as close as the nearest city then Canada Post. However, DHL did bring it across the border, so be aware of high brokerage fees if you order teaware with your tea (loose tea has no tax). If you want a try Adagio Teas for less, leave a comment and I can send you an invite with a $5 discount.

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