Reviewing The New Traditional Teas From DavidsTea

DavidsTea is killing me with all of the recent releases.  We just had the Halloween collection, the Advent Calendar will be released soon followed by the winter and holiday collections.  Then they surprised us with a release of three new straight or traditional teas.  These are pricey teas meant to be supreme cups of their respective teas.  You know I love a traditional tea from the Garden to Cup collection so despite the price, I had to try them!

DavidsTea Traditional / Straight Teas October 2016 - Golden Monkey Black Tea Review - Ruby Oolong Tea Review - Imperial Sencha Tea Review - Davids Tea Reviews Canada

The October 2016 release of traditional or straight teas included three new teas and the promise of a fourth still to come.  It includes Golden Monkey, Imperial Sencha and Ruby Oolong teas.  The fourth mystery tea is Silken Puerh which is not online or in stores yet.

DavidsTea Golden Monkey Traditional / Straight Tea

DavidsTea Golden Monkey Black Tea Review Davids Tea Traditional / Straight Teas Fall 2016

Golden Monkey is a new black traditional tea.  It is priced at $17.98 for 50g.  Pretty expensive for a black tea, but Golden Monkey is prized for its signature golden tips.  A rare black tea that is hand-crafted into the shape of a monkey’s claw with a rich brew and the sweet aroma of ripe fruit mixed with brown sugar.

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DavidsTea Ruby Oolong Traditional / Straight Tea

DavidsTea Ruby Oolong Tea Review Davids Tea Traditional / Straight Teas Fall 2016

Ruby Oolong is the most unique of the traditional teas released this week.  At $19.98 for 50g it is also the most expensive of the three but worth trying for me, or at least worth spending your hard earned Frequent Steeper rewards!  With notes of ripe plum, caramelized apple and quince, this unique oolong brews well at high temperatures and will never get bitter. Perfect for an easily distracted tea drinker – and we have all wasted tea steeping too long!

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DavidsTea Imperial Sencha Traditional / Straight Tea

DavidsTea Imperial Sencha Tea Review Davids Tea Traditional / Straight Teas Fall 2016

The final of the three new traditional or straight teas is DavidsTea Imperial Sencha.  A umami rich sencha with a fairly bold flavour.  Imperial Sencha is the cheapest of the three at $14.98 for 50g.  This limited edition tea is fit for an emperor and a step above compared to their regular Sencha.

Read my review of DavidsTea Imperial Sencha here.

DavidsTea Silken Pu’erh Traditional / Straight Tea

Reviews: New DavidsTea Traditional or Straight Teas October 2016: Silken Pu'erh, Golden Monkey, Ruby Oolong, Imperial Sencha

The advertising in the store shows a fourth traditional tea, Silken Pu’erh.  Since this tea is not yet available online or in stores, not much is known about it apart from this description.  With the rich cocoa notes, I can’t wait to try it too.  I reached out to DavidsTea to ask about it but there is no known release date yet.

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