DavidsTea Witch’s Brew Review

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - Davids Tea Witch's Brew - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - Davids Tea Witch's Brew Loose Tea

On to the final of the DAVIDsTEA Halloween teas I tried, Witch’s Brew.  If you missed it, you can find the Halloween collection here and the Back from the Dead coffin of teas here.   Witch’s Brew is a sweet mix of cocoa beans, rooibos tea, witch’s hat shaped candies and other sweet ingredients.  This is definitely a dessert tea and personally, I like it as a hot latte but it decent as a hot black tea too.

Witch’s Brew Steeping Instructions & Ingredients

DavidsTea Halloween Teas 2016 - Davids Tea Witch's Brew Tea Ingredients

DavidsTea Witch’s Brew Ingredients: Cocoa beans, rooibos, cocoa husk, sweet blackberry leaves, elderberry flower, safflower petas, natural and artificial flavouring.  Plus orange and black candies (sugar, rice flour, partially hydrogenated rapeseed oil, potato starch, colour (beetroot juice concentrate, beta-carotene, iron oxide), artificial flavouring).

DavidsTea Witch’s Brew Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16 oz mug.  Use near boiling water (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) for 4-7 minutes.

David’s Tea Witch’s Brew (2016) Tea Review

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - Davids Tea Witch's Brew - Perfect Spoon of Loose Tea

Witch’s Brew is probably one of the sweeter teas I have tried.  It brews to a dark slightly murky colour and has a fair amount of chocolate flavouring from the cocoa husk and beans.  On top of this, the candies add even more sweetness.  It is not your typical chocolate tea though, there is a chocolate sweetness but other flavours.  Almost a fudgey-caramel taste with a slight vanilla flavour.

DavidsTea Halloween Teas - Davids Tea Witch's Brew - Bat and Witch's Hat Candies

He thinks it tastes like Nutella hot chocolate, but I don’t get the nutty taste there, but the sweetness describes it well.  You know those alcoholic chocolates you get around Christmas, it tastes like those.  Or maybe chocolate liqueur.  A slight alcohol flavour that doesn’t go with the rest of the sweetness.  Milk helps by making the tea creamier, so I do prefer Witch’s Brew as a latte.  Then, I prefer most dessert teas as a latte so…

The candies do look like bats and witch’s hats, compared to the cats in Swampwater that according to him are Tetris pieces.  Witch’s Brew is limited edition and already sold out in most stores but if it wasn’t, I am not sure I would buy it again.  I will certainly drink the 50g I bought, but there are other teas I prefer over it and Hot Chocolate tea is back next week!

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