DAVIDsTEA Winter Collection – New Teas & Mugs Coming Soon!

DavidsTea Winter Collection

We got a sneak peek of the beautiful winter themed collection with select products launching in store this morning, but I have a sneak peek of what is to come.  Some of these are in stores now while the rest will launch on November 1st – the same day as the highly anticipated DavidsTea Advent Calendar!

DavidsTea Winter Collection

Winter collections are generally my favourites, lots of pretty wintery blue designs and sweet teas and it looks like this one will be no different!  There are 5 teas that will go on sale on November 1st.  No surprises since they are already available as samples with online orders.  If you haven’t looked, here are the new ones:

  • Coffee Cake (Black): This sweet, fragrant blend has all the aroma of a fresh baked coffee cake, plus an energy boost from rich black tea and a fruity hint of cherry and pineapple. $7.98/50g
  • Sweet Almond Green (Organic Green): With its nutty kiss of almond and its pretty marigold and cornflower petals, this sweet and subtle organic green tea is a tasty treat you can feel good about drinking. $8.98/50g
  • Apple Cider (Fruit Infusion): This fresh-from-the-orchard blend tastes just like a hot, comforting cup of old-fashioned apple cider. The only thing missing is the cinnamon stick. $7.98/50g
  • Nutty and Spice (Oolong): Inspired by a festive spice cake, this warming mix of oolong, fruit, nuts and spices is as sweet and comforting as it gets. Warning: may induce feelings of holiday cheer. $9.98/50g
  • Chocolate Covered Almond (Black): Sweet, crunchy and totally addictive, chocolate almonds are a classic for a reason. And with cocoa, carob and roasted almonds, this rich blend is every bit as tasty. $8.98/50g

For those of us who cried over the prices of the recent traditional teas (but bought them anyway) the winter collection is much more affordable and I can’t wait to get my hands on more Sweet Almond Green and try Chocolate  Covered Almond.  If you want to try samples, they will have a winter themed pouch with a sample of all 5 teas available for $10.  I know what I will be adding to my Advent Calendar for free shipping!

Now on to the mugs, because Christmas gifts are the perfect excuse for new mugs!  There are a few additional mugs being released as part of gift sets or the new Me to We release too, so lots to choose from.

DAVIDsTEA Winter Collection Nordic Mugs

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Nordic Mugs

All of the new Nordic mugs are $23 each and include a lid and infuser.  Choose from two colour changing mugs.  Either a beautiful wintery mountain scene or go skiing with DavidsTea.

The beautiful gold dipped mugs are back in several colours.  A fourth colour can be found in a gift set with Glitter & Gold tea and you can buy a matching gold infuser and spoon!  The gold dipped mugs are already showing up early in some stores, so worth checking through this week as they move out Halloween displays that have sold out and start with the winter collection.

My wishlist includes the mountain scene and the blue gold dipped cup, even though I rarely use my old gold dipped cup as it marks so easily.  But sooooo pretty and I must have one!

DAVIDsTEA Winter Collection Perfect Mugs

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Perfect Mugs

In general, I love Nordic mugs because they hold more tea but I want every single one of the new Perfect mugs this year.  Priced at $23 each, there is a beautiful colour changing garland mug that will light up your tea and several regular Perfect mugs.  The green Christmas design, the blue mug with gold tree and clear snowflake mug will be on my wishlist, what about yours?

As with the Nordic mugs, they have an infuser and lid to help keep your tea warm and hold your infuser while you drink.

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Rustic Mugs

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Rustic Mugs

I don’t own any of the Rustic mugs but they have three new designs for the winter collection.  A classic gold and red that is a bit different looking than the rest of the collection.  Plus an adorable bear with gold scarf or pink mittens with gold detailing.  They are made of durable porcelain and priced at $15 each or two for $25.  No infusers or lids with the Rustic mugs though.

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Travel Mugs

New DavidsTea Winter Collection Travel Mugs

Finally, since the temperatures are dipping and we need to take a hot tea with us everywhere, there are quite a few new travel mugs to choose from.

  • Curve Travel Mugs are sleek with a leak-proof lid and fine mesh infuser.  They will keep your tea hot for hours and are priced at $28 and come in bear or glove designs.
  • Locktop Travel Mugs are perfect for the on-the-go tea lover.  These handy travel mugs have a flip lid that locks to prevent spills and leaks and it is nice to see a more masculine design with a dark silver and blue, as my boyfriend hates using any of my mugs (actually this may not be a good thing).  These are priced at $34 each
  • Colour Changing Travel Mug: because the colour changing mountain design is so beautiful it needs to be on more than a Nordic, get a matching travel mug for $30
  • Matcha Shakers: These shake and serve Matcha mugs are the easiest and fastest way to make matcha on the go!  At $30 they make the perfect gift for a matcha lover!

So now you have seen most of the mugs and teas, what is on your wishlist for the winter collection?  Don’t forget, some of it is in store already and will be online soon, while others are released on November 1st.  I imagine some of you will be lining up before the store opens like me!

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18 Replies to “DAVIDsTEA Winter Collection – New Teas & Mugs Coming Soon!”

  1. Take all of my money!!! Ahhh!! So amazing!

  2. So cute! When are these coming out?!?!

    1. Some are already in stores (mine had the gold dipped ones already) and the rest November 1

  3. Too hard to pick just one mug! Cant wait to get my hands on them!

  4. I can’t wait to try the Coffee Cake tea and I *love* the gold-dipped mugs. Thank you for the sneak peek!!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I love how you have the prices and descriptions of everything, saves me from shock when I go to purchase everything I like and get the bill. Lol 🙂

    1. It gets to the point where you should just have your paycheque made payable to DavidsTea lol

  6. So happy Apple Cider is returning! Love the pink mitten mug too!

    1. The pink one is the only one I don’t “need” vs wanting it lol

  7. Thanks for the great preview. I love your blog and David’s Tea!

  8. amazing!!! i need them all. loving your blog

  9. Are these Canadian prices? I know that USA prices can be the same or higher even though the Canadian dollar and US dollar are not worth the same.

    1. Yes, all Canadian prices (and I assumed the US dates are the same, but not guaranteed either)

  10. I want the sample pouch, the Bear rustic and the mitten rustic. and maybe if I can afford it the clear mug! Which is odd I too prefer Nordic but I really want a clear mug.

    1. Same here, I need a new clear mug after the horrible death of my glass latte mug but I wish it was a Nordic!

  11. Oooh those yummy sounding teas, and the color changing mug! Yes! And yay for reasonable prices!!

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  13. Hi! Do you know if there’s anywhere you can buy the 2016 nordic mugs from David’s Tea? I’ve noticed online and instore they only have the new 2017 versions.


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