Dollarama Halloween Full Nail Options

Cheap and Easy Halloween Nails From Dollarama Canada 2016 Easy Halloween Nailart

Dollarama Halloween Nail Option - Cheap and Easy Halloween Nails From Dollarama Canada 2016 Easy Halloween Nailart

If you do not want to do nail art for Halloween yourself, Dollarama has quite a few nail options this year to help you out. I picked up a few different items to check them out and see how well they work.  The selection includes press on nails, various full nail stickers or wraps and smaller nail stickers.  Today, I will compare the full nail options so you don’t waste your money.

Dollarama Halloween Nail Option - Cheap and Easy Halloween Nails From Dollarama Canada 2016 Nail Wraps and Press On Nails

All of the Dollarama Halloween nail products I tried were $1.25 each and came in various designs.  I tried out one pack of press on nails and two sets of full nail stickers or wraps.  There are additional designs for each but since I will be doing my own, didn’t pick up them all, just a few to try.

Dollarama Halloween Press On Nails

Dollarama Halloween Nail Options - Press On Nails Black and White Happy Halloween Nails

Starting with the press on nails.  I always worry that these will damage my natural nails so used a layer of base coat before trying them.  This means they may become loose earlier as they can lift the base coat when they wouldn’t lift from the nail but not worth gluing stuff to your healthy nails for one day.  Still, they lasted all day when I tested them which is pretty impressive.  They removed easily when I soaked my hands in a little warm water and oil to loosen them and popped off without really damaging the base coat I had applied.

The fit on these is actually quite good considering you only get 12 for a full manicure.  They are fairly long.  I have long nail beds and they were still visible above the tips.  This is about as long as I grow my nails before filing them as they get annoying while doing stuff so on shorter nail beds, you may find them too long.  Depending on your nail size, you may need to pick up two sets to get the perfect fit but I filed the edge of one to fit better without issues.

Dollarama Halloween Full Nail Stickers/Wraps

Dollarama Halloween Nail Options - Full Nail Wraps Spiders

After a successful test with the Dollarama Halloween press on nails, I was hopeful for the nail wraps.  These come in quite a few designs so I tried out a colourful set and a metallic set as I know metallics can be a bit finickier.

The sizing on these, despite having more options are better suited to kids nails.  A lot of them were not quite wide enough and I ended up cutting down bigger ones.  This also meant I could not mix up the black and silver designs as I had hoped.  My nails are quite curved, so flatter nails may not have this issue but it was also difficult to smooth the edges fully.

To use them, you place on the nail and flatten out.  Then fold the tip and file off where necessary.  All were long enough for my nails which are fairly short at the moment.  Do file gently though as they are quite fragile and I took a chunk out of one and had to do it again.

You do get 24 full nail stickers in the Dollarama Halloween Nail Stickers but many of them are small so I would skip if you have larger nails.  They did last well and were still fairly pliable and peeled off after 8 hours of wear without major damage to the base coat below.

Check back soon for a review on the smaller Dollarama Halloween nail stickers that you can add to your regular manicure for a spooky accent.



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  1. Those press-on nails look better than I would have thought they would! Dollarama has certainly stepped up their game! Last Halloween I played around with some decals from them. Good for a one day type of nail look!

  2. OMG I wish I had known about these sooner!! Muwah! Before I spent more on halloween nail wraps than I needed to LOL. These are so cute too!

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