How To Make A Tea Latte At Home

How to make a tea latte at home with no steam

How to make a tea latte at home with no steam

Someone asked me what machine I used to steam milk at home without using the UHT milk that comes in Tassimo discs.  I don’t have a steamer and while my milk isn’t as soft and foamy as you can get when steamed, it is possible to make your own latte without it.

  • Make 1/2 cup tea, since you will be adding 1/2 cup milk, it is good idea to make it extra strong
  • Add a little under 1/2 cup milk and use a frother like aerolatte to foam up the milk.  I have a few of them, Bodum, Trudeau and a cheap one I got at Dollarama.  I prefer the Bodum one, the foam seems to last longer and is smoother but they all work.
  • No milk frother?  Use a mason jar for your milk and shake it for 30 seconds then remove lid before heating.
  • Microwave your milk for about 30 seconds.  This will take some trial and error, if you overheat the milk it collapses.
  • No microwave? Whisking it with a small whisk but heat it a little first, best to use a small pan
  • Remove tea bag or tea leaves from water, add any syrup/sweetener and stir well
  • Pour hot milk over the tea, using a spoon to hold back the thicker foam from the top
  • Spoon on foam left in cup and add any flavoured toppings (I added a little chocolate to mine and used a tea with cocoa nibs for a chocolatey taste)

While I am a huge fan of just a regular black (or Orange Pekoe) tea for tea lattes, here are some you may enjoy:

  • London Fog Tea Latte: Earl Grey tea, vanilla (extract, flavoured sugar, whatever you prefer) and make is sweet!
  • Chai Tea Latte: Chai tea (let it steep for a while) and honey, top with cinnamon or nutmeg
  • Chocolate Chai Tea Latte: As above, but add a spoon of hot chocolate or chocolate syrup to your tea and sprinkle with chocolate
  • Green Tea Latte: green tea is generally weaker in taste, so use double the tea and honey to sweeten
  • Maple Fog Tea Latte: rooibos tea with maple syrup to sweeten
  • Mint Tea Latte: steep black tea with mint leaves, remove before adding milk.  If no fresh mint, use 1 black tea and 1 mint tea teabag
  • Sweet Dreams Chamomile Tea Latte: Use two tea bags chamomile tea, vanilla and honey and this one works great with unsweetened soy milk – perfect warm milk drink to calm you down before bed

There are of course many more, especially if you love chai tea or matcha tea.  Pick and choose the tea and flavours you love to make your perfect tea latte.  Remember that some fruitier teas will not mix well with milk.  The great thing about making tea lattes at home is you can really control the sugar content and use whatever milk you prefer.  I find 2% milk froths best in the microwave but you can use soy or non-fat too.

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  1. I am such a fan of Chai Tea Latte’s! I really want to try making them at home. 🙂

  2. This sounds delicious I def want to make this at home!

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