Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance + Matching DIY Nail Wraps

Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance Review

Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance Set Review

Avon recently sent me their latest fragrance to try out, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara.  It promises a bold and feminine fragrance with top notes of passion fruit, base notes of herbal patchouli along with delicate Flor de Mayo Orchid, the national flower of Colombia, Sofia Vergara’s native country.

I will admit that I would typically not even think of purchasing So Very Sofia fragrance.  I tend to go for big name fragrances and a lot of the cheaper ones just do not smell as nice or last as long.  On top of that, I have found that some of the perfumes “made by” stars are gimmicky and not always particularly nice.  At first whiff of this in the bottle, I was not overly impressed but I tried it anyway and it smells amazing on.  I have worn it almost every day since I got it.  I can actually imagine her wearing this.  I also read the press release in my head in her voice so…

Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance Review

Avon’s So Very Sofia manages to be warm, fruity and floral without being overly girly or too much fruit or floral.  I find that the golden patchouli, as much as I like it can be a bit much and with just three notes, this could have been over the top but the mix of passion fruit and orchid makes it just perfect.  The sillage is decent, it doesn’t last all day but the mix lasts a while rather than settling to just basenotes quickly like some.

Avon So Very Sofia Shower Gel Body Lotion Fragrance Review

“So Very Sofia was inspired by a bold woman: one who is her own muse and who encourages others to live life with passion. Both feminine and powerful, she’s not afraid to flaunt her beauty, and is always true to herself.”

One of the things I loved other than the actual scent of So Very Sofia is the packaging.  I am not a very pink person but I love the design on the box and shower gel and body lotion included in the set.  So much so that I wanted to have it on my nails!

Avon So Very Sofia DIY Nail Wraps

Avon So Very Sofia Fragrance Press Image

I have wanted to try DIY nail wraps for ages since I posted my DIY decal in my popcorn nail art for the MTV Movie Awards.  Since perfect shapes inside each other would be difficult to freehand, I thought this would be the perfect time to try.  I will post a full tutorial on how to make them at some point, but I tried two different looks.  One with taken from the shapes in the press image for So Very Sofia from Avon using a pink background and another using shapes in photoshop to make it look close to the look and without the shadows from the image.

Avon So Very Sofia DIY Waterslide Decal Nails Full Colour Swatch Tutorial

Here are the nails taken from the press image.  This was my first attempt at DIY nail wraps and I think they worked out pretty well.  The grey-purple looked a little weird on the nail.  It is actually the shadow from the shapes but doesn’t translate as well on the nail.  Still super cute and I got lots of comments on them while wearing them too.

Avon So Very Sofia DIY Waterslide Decal Nails Swatch Tutorial

Avon So Very Sofia DIY Waterslide Decal Nails Swatch

I decided to try my own to better show the edges and shapes.  I probably could have done with another layer of my base colour (Essence The Gel Sweet as Candy) and letting it dry better as it separated a bit when I applied the DIY wraps over it.  I love the look of this though and it wore well for three days.

Avon’s So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara will be available in September on Avon’s website or by contacting your Avon Representative.

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  1. I love the colours on the nail wraps but I feel like I want to see more of the pattern zoomed out maybe.. If it was a smaller design I would be all over that!

  2. What an unusual mani! I love how you matched that background!

  3. I looooooooooove your diy wraps and I am so looking forward to your tutorial!

  4. Ohh your nails look so cool! That’s such a fun design!

  5. Your decals came out great!

  6. I love this so much! It is unique and beautiful and just freaking awesome!

  7. I just love the bottle shape!

  8. Your nail art looks freaking INCREDIBLE!

  9. I haven’t purchased Avon in ages, definitely miss it. Your nails look so good!

  10. Your nails match the packaging perfectly!

  11. the nail art is magnificent.

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