Newspaper Nail Art With Essence Enter Wonderland

Essence Enter Wonderland Newspaper Nail Art Mani

Essence Enter Wonderland Newspaper Nail Art Mani

Enter Wonderland from Essence’s Hidden Stories collection is a beautiful off white matte polish that just calls for newspaper nails. Except I didn’t have any newspaper as we only get a digital copy so I decided to do them with Born Pretty’s BP-76 text stamping plate.

Essence Enter Wonderland Newspaper Nail Art Supplies


  • Essence Hidden Stories Enter Wonderland
  • Essence Rock My World
  • Essence Satin Matt top coat
  • Born Pretty BP-76 stamping plate
  • Trusty old Messy Mansion stamper

Starting with a base of two coats of the off white matte Enter Wonderland by Essence (see my review of the collection here).  Allow to dry for about ten minutes or more before stamping!  To keep the matte look, I used Essence Satin Matt top coat to both protect my base colour while stamping and again once stamped.

Then stamped the text using Essence Rock My World, a dark grey, without pressing too hard to get a more newspaper look rather than crisp text. Just touch the stamper to your nail gently while rolling across the nail.  A harder stamper works best for this.

Essence Enter Wonderland Newspaper Nail Art

I like that the letters have little gaps in them, makes it look like old typewriter text.  So there you have it, newspaper nails for those of us stuck in the digital age without a newspaper!

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12 Replies to “Newspaper Nail Art With Essence Enter Wonderland”

  1. Newspaper nail art is the first thing that really caught my eye a few years back and I’ve always wanted to try it!!

    1. I have done it with newspaper, but this looks crisper. I find that newspaper smudges easily (plus easier cleanup)

  2. This looks absolutely fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever done newspaper nails!

  3. this is adorable. I would love something like this for the bookfairs!

  4. I havnt done one of these in so long. I love how easy they are and how nice they turn out. Great job

  5. These look amazing!! I love the base polish!

  6. I tried newspaper nails ONCE years ago and it was a fail. Yours looks so nice!!

  7. This is so creative, I’ve never seen or even thought about this before. Thank you!

  8. I really thought these were actual newspaper nails 😀 Good job!

  9. I couldn’t believe these were stamped nails! You rocked the newspaper worn effect!

  10. Juliee Fitze says: Reply

    They look amazing have never seen anything like them.

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