Mariposa – Kozmic Colours Nail Therapy Set With Quick Dry Drops and Green Tea Cuticle Oil

Mariposa Kozmic Colours Nail Therapy Set including Base coat, Top Coat, Quick Dry Drops and Nourishing Oil - Dollarama Buy

Proving that Dollar store brands Kozmic Colours and Mariposa are likely the same company. I recently found these Nail Therapy sets at my local Dollarama.  They are branded Mariposa but all of the kits seem to have Kozmic Colours products in them. Being a nail polish addict can get expensive, and I have had luck with some […]

International Cat Day Nail Art

International Cat Day Nail Art - Stamped Cat Paws Nail Art Swatch - Quo Barely There

It is International Cat Day and that calls for some kitty themed nail art! The first look is simpler, a stamped look using a single stamping image from Bundle Monster’s BM-S162 plate using Quo Barely There and the brown shimmer polish from one of the first sets of Mariposa polish I reviewed.  Since it is […]

China Glaze Avalanche Swatches + Nail Art

China Glaze Avalanche Nail Polish Bottle and Swatch

I recently read a blog post by Light Your Nails where she is working her way through the alphabet swatching polishes and loved the idea.  I have so many polishes that go unused, I don’t think to use or I wear a lot but for some reason never show on the blog.  So the alphabet […]

Zoya Beatrix Pixie Dust – Mariposa Glitter Dupe

zoya beatrix pixie dust vs mariposa orange glitter dupe bottles

As I mentioned when I reviewed the rest of the Mariposa glitter polishes recently, the orange would be featured separately and here it is.  On swatching it, I realized that while not a dupe, it is very close to Zoya Beatrix, one of their Pixie Dust polishes. Both have a similar tangerine tone, Mariposa is […]

Mariposa Glitter Polishes – Dollarama Find

Mariposa Glitter Pixie Dust Packaging

I was quite impressed with the original set of Mariposa polishes I tried, even though their long wear polish was not great so I thought I would give them another chance.  This latest Dollarama find is their glitter polishes.  A set of 6 mini polishes for $3.  These have a sand/pixie dust type feel to […]