Stronger Healthier Nails With CND Rescue Kit

CND Rescue Kit #CNDRescueKit CND Vinylux Solar Oil CND Rescue RXx CND Cuticle Eraser CND ScrubFree

CND Rescue Kit #CNDRescueKit CND Vinylux Solar Oil CND Rescue RXx CND Cuticle Eraser CND ScrubFree

After boasting last week that my nails were growing really quickly after breaking several in the move, I managed to break two nails in the space of just a few hours and had to file them all down again.  So it was the perfect time to try out the new Rescue Kit from CND.  I am already a huge fan of Solar Oil but have been using up some other cuticle oils before ordering more and clearly, my nails suffered as a result.

The #CNDRescueKit included four CND Vinylux polishes from the latest Flirtation collection along with Vinylux Weekly Top Coat plus some nail essentials to get your nails in tiptop condition and leave your manicure looking flawless.  Included in the kit were a nail file/buffer, CND Cuticle Eraser, CND Solar Oil, CND ScrubFresh and the product I was most interested in trying, CND Rescue RXx.

I started off filing down my nails and using a mani bomb to soak for 10 minutes so my cuticles were soft and ready for my #CNDRescueKit products.  Then I applied them daily for the rest of the week to fully test the products.

CND Essentials A.H.A Cuticle Eraser Treatment

CNDRescueKit CND Rescue Kit CND Cuticle Eraser

CND Cuticle Eraser (15ml $14) & Vinylux Desert Poppy

I have suffered with dry noticeable cuticles all of my life so have tried a number of cuticle eraser products.  They tend to go from doing nothing (even less than a cuticle oil makes cuticles appear to look) to the nuclear solution of pretty much burning your cuticles off if you do not rinse quickly enough.  CND’s Cuticle Eraser is an AHA treatment that is gentle enough to use daily and doesn’t need to be rinsed, but after a week of daily use, has actually made a difference and I have no major hangnails either!

CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Oil & Conditioner

CNDRescueKit CND Rescue Kit CND Solar Oil

CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner (various sizes starting at $9) & Vinylux Date Night

I am a little addicted to cuticle oils and CND Solar Oil has been a long time favourite.  It is lightly scented so no wondering what that scent is hours later and contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E to nourish and soften your cuticles.  Long term use of it will help reduce the amount of Cuticle Eraser you need to use and it is no surprise that this award winning product it is one of the most recommended cuticle oils.  It can be a bit more expensive than other cuticle oils, but a little goes a long way and I find I use it less than cheaper ones.

CND ScrubFresh Nail Surface Cleanser

 CND ScrubFresh CND Rescue Kit #CNDRescueKit

CND ScrubFresh Nail Surface Cleanser (8 fl oz $18)

I have mentioned before that I have one nail that polish will just peel off in a sheet if I do not prep my nails well.  CND ScrubFresh is perfect for manicure prep.  It is designed to clean and dehydrate the nail plate, to improve adhesion, reduce lifting and extend the life of the service.  When you want your Vinylux polish to last all week, it is a great choice.  But since it does dehydrate, make sure to use some cuticle oil once your polish has dried completely.  I also love this for a quick swipe of my stampers as it helps get them really clean, but it does contain acetone so keep it away from clear jelly stampers.

CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment

CND Rescue RXx CND Rescue Kit #CNDRescueKit

CND Rescue RXx Daily Keratin Treatment (15ml $19.95) & Vinylux Be Demure

After having to file my nails completely down due to breaks twice in a month, CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment was the product I was most looking forward to trying.  It has clinically proven results that in just one week, the majority of testers found their nails were thicker, white spots less noticeable and the condition of their nails was noticeably improved.

I expected this to be more of a polish, similar to other rescue treatments I have tried but RescueRXx is a jojoba oil based treatment needs to be applied to bare nails twice a day, from the cuticle to the free edge and massaged into the nails.  It is rare I go a week without polish (and I will admit to swatching the pretty Vinylux polishes included in my #CNDRescueKit during the week) so going mostly polish free for a week for stronger nails was a huge time investment for me as many products that promise stronger nails do not deliver in my experience.  After seeing my nails after just a week, I already have visible nail line (I filed them right down) and they just feel stronger and healthier.

Use a cuticle oil and not sure if you need Rescue RXx?  Think of Solar Oil as a conditioner and RescueRXx as a deep treatment mask for your nails.  It helps with damaged weakened nails while Solar Oil can only do so much.  RescueRXx can help with cracking, peeling, splitting nails and white spots.  While it doesn’t help your nails grow faster, it helps it grow stronger so you are less likely to break them as they grow.

I will have swatches of the four polishes (Be Demure, Lavender Lace, Date Night and Desert Poppy) along with the weekly top coat for you soon, so be sure to check back.  You can purchase Vinylux polishes at your local Trade Secrets store while Chatters and Nail Polish Canada carry both polishes and Nail Essentials.

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  2. I love a good cuticle oil!

  3. I love the scent of Solar Oil!

  4. Never tried anything from this brand. I hope this works and your nails grow back quickly and stronger than ever!

  5. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Solar Oil. I may have to try it out because I’m always on the lookout for good cuticle oils since I go through it so fast.

    1. While I love a lot of the indie oils I have tried, I find Solar Oil lasts me longer for the same price

  6. The Rescue Rx looks intriguing! I am already a huge fan of Solar Oil. It’s one of the best mainstream oils out there.

    1. It is crazy how well it works. my nails are not very long but they are noticeably stronger at the tips, even if I push on them, they don’t bend like they used to

  7. I like all of these! Think I’m going to pick these up soon

  8. Thank you for this in-depth review! These products sound amazing!

  9. My condolences on the breaks 🙁 Looking forward to swatches of the colors!

  10. I really need to try this out. One of my nails seems to perpetually break, which irritates me so much.

  11. Great review, I love your product shots! The SolarOil is a definite fav of mine! 🙂

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