Alter Ego Indie Nail Polish Starter Kit

Indie Nail Polish Starter Kit

Not sure where to start with indie nail polish or looking for a gift for someone who wants to move from mainstreams? Just in time for the holidays, Alter Ego has an indie nail polish starter kit for only $37 (USD) with free shipping in the US. Polishes will be a mix of colours and […]

Alter Ego Pewter Perfect & Cuticle Oil Duo for Polish Pickup

Alter Ego Cuticle Oils Polish Pickup Nov 2020

Polish Pickup time already? This month is red carpet themed and Alter Ego chose a pretty silvery dress from a model at the Cannes film festival. Pewter Perfect is an antique silver base with grey microflakes. My swatches show three coats on my middle fingers and two on my pointer/baby fingers. I think it does […]

12 Days of Alter Ego (Nail Polish & Body/Skincare Advent Calendar)

12 Days of Alter Ego 2020 - All Products Wrapped

I know, I know, wishing away the year and talking holiday stuff before Halloween. But this is a preorder and well, 2020 needs to be over anyway. New to Alter Ego for 2020 is a beauty and nail polish advent calendar. I say beauty, but it is really nail care, skin care and bath stuff. […]

Alter Ego Wwiillmmaa! & Loopy Fruits Acetone Additive

Alter Ego Loopy Fruits Acetone Additive (2)

How is it Polish Pickup time already? This month, animation was chosen as the theme which means lots of old school cartoons. Cynthia chose WWIILLMMAA as her polish, It is a white creme polish that glows orangey in the dark and is inspired by The Flintstones. White for Wilma’s dress and pearls and orange for […]

Alter Ego I Huff and I Puff Swatches (Polish Pickup April 2020)

Alter Ego I Huff and I Puff - PPU April - Swatches 2 with Hit the Spot

Aquatic Wonders month at Polish Pickup is just around the corner and Cynthia from Alter Ego has two wonderful offerings. Alter Ego I Huff and I Puff was inspired by this image of a puffed up pufferfish shared in the group. It is fully how people see it so differently, I was imagining it would […]

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil & Hit the Spot

Alter Ego Hit the Spot and Cuticle Oil Pens

Whether you change your polish a lot of not, a good cuticle oil is essential. It keeps your cuticles soft and looking better. Healthy cuticles also help you grow healthy nails. If you have ever had a hard piece of cuticle make your nail grow with a dip in it, you will know what I […]

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Review

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review - Mani Sand - Mani Silk - Lotion Heart

. The Mini Mani Kit from Soy Magnifiscents was the non-polish item in my Indie Expo Canada VIP bag that I was most excited to try. My nails and skin have suffered a lot this year with a change in diet and medication so anything that can improve them is worth trying. Soy Magnifiscents included […]

Alter Ego Actone Additive – Limited Edition Canadian Scents

Alter Ego Nanaimo Bar Scented Acetone Additive NaNa In My Opinion

Nail polish is great, until you have to remove it. You know that white residue and dryness left from 100% acetone, well Acetone Additive can stop that. Alter Ego Acetone Additives are made with glycerin, Vitamin E oil and fragrance oil. It reduces the harshness of acetone while still keeping the full effectiveness of the acetone. The scent is […]

Get a Perfect Pedicure at Home with Sensationail

Sensationail Perfect Pedicure at Home - Products

You know that saying about nail polish chipping when you sneeze but your pedicure lasting through a nuclear war? It is only ever true until you are in a rush to leave, slip on a pair of sandals and realize that your toe nail polish has chipped on several toes. While I change my nail […]