Zoya Kimber – AlphabetNails

Flying through the alphabet of nail polishes, this week is K and I chose Zoya Kimber.

Zoya Kimber AlphabetNails

Zoya Kimber is probably my favourite pink polish.  It is one of few polishes I have used the whole bottle and purchased a second.  There are several polishes that I have bought a second bottle, but usually because they separated or got too thick, not from use.

Zoya describes Kimber so well I won’t try to change it.  Kimber is a rich, bright and saturated medium magenta pink with strong gold metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish.  It was first released as part of the 2012 Surf collection and has been a staple for me ever since.  It is almost a one coater, but the shimmer shows better with two and the pink is richer.  Shown here with two coats plus Pro-FX Supreme top coat.

Zoya Kimber Stamped Rica The Golden Egg Polish

As with most weeks of the alphabet nail challenge, I added some nail art because I rarely wear a single colour of polish.  I stamped Rica The Golden Egg over Zoya Kimber with my new Pueen stamping kit.  For this look, I used Pueen Geo Lover 02 and the stamper that was included in the kit which worked surprisingly well.

Disclosure Purchased

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9 thoughts on “Zoya Kimber – AlphabetNails

  1. Pink and gold, how can you go wrong? I love them separately but together you a masterpiece. Gorgeous mani and wait to see ‘J’!

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