Zoya Kimber – AlphabetNails

Zoya Kimber Stamped Rica The Golden Egg Polish

Flying through the alphabet of nail polishes, this week is K and I chose Zoya Kimber.

Zoya Kimber AlphabetNails

Zoya Kimber is probably my favourite pink polish.  It is one of few polishes I have used the whole bottle and purchased a second.  There are several polishes that I have bought a second bottle, but usually because they separated or got too thick, not from use.

Zoya describes Kimber so well I won’t try to change it.  Kimber is a rich, bright and saturated medium magenta pink with strong gold metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish.  It was first released as part of the 2012 Surf collection and has been a staple for me ever since.  It is almost a one coater, but the shimmer shows better with two and the pink is richer.  Shown here with two coats plus Pro-FX Supreme top coat.

Zoya Kimber Stamped Rica The Golden Egg Polish

As with most weeks of the alphabet nail challenge, I added some nail art because I rarely wear a single colour of polish.  I stamped Rica The Golden Egg over Zoya Kimber with my new Pueen stamping kit.  For this look, I used Pueen Geo Lover 02 and the stamper that was included in the kit which worked surprisingly well.

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9 Replies to “Zoya Kimber – AlphabetNails”

  1. Love the gold accent over Kimber. <3

  2. Kimber is so gorgeous on you!

  3. Oh absolutely beautiful how you paired it with the stamping, I’m in love!

  4. Pink and gold, how can you go wrong? I love them separately but together you a masterpiece. Gorgeous mani and wait to see ‘J’!

  5. THis is so beautiful on you! Love the stamping!

  6. Very pretty! Since it’s so opaque does it work as a stamping polish I’m wondering?

    1. I have used it a couple of times over really pale polishes, but it doesn’t show well over darker ones

  7. That gold is so gorgeous, love how delicate it looks over Kimber!

  8. So pretty!!! I’ve never seen kimber before

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