Avon Anew Clean Skincare

Avon Anew Clean Collection

Avon Anew Clean Collection

Throughout the winter, I am pretty loyal to Marcelle’s Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel but once summer hits, it just isn’t enough for my oily t-zone and I have been trying out several skincare lines to find something that is gentle but will help remove waterproof makeup and clogged pores from sunscreen and sweat.  One of the first skincare lines I tried this year is Avon’s Anew Clean line which is new for July. The Avon Anew Clean line includes illuminating rich cleansing foam, daily refining scrub, micellar cleansing water, revitalizing toner and facial cleansing wipes.

Avon Anew Clean Refining Scrub and Illuminating cleansing foam

Avon Anew Clean Refining Daily Scrub & Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam $12 each

Avon’s new scrub is definitely making it into my arsenal of skincare products.  Free of microbeads, the combination of palm seed powder and jojoba wax in the Avon Anew Clean Refining Daily Scrub is tough enough to scrub your pores but gentle enough for daily use or even morning and night use.

The Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam is formulated for combination skin and they have other options in the line if you have dry or oily skin plus one for you lucky people with “normal” skin.  It comes out as a thicker cream but spreads easily on the face lightly foaming and has done a good job of keeping my t-zone less oily and spot free which is often a problem when I reapply sunscreen constantly on hot days.

The rest of the Anew Clean line is suitable for all skin-types.

Avon Anew Clean Toner and Micellar Water

Avon Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner & Micellar Cleansing Water $12 each

I love micellar waters, they always feel so cool on your face and leave your skin feeling residue free and Avon Anew Clean Micellar Cleansing Water is no different.  It is light and refreshing yet really removes dirt well.  If I am wearing makeup, three soaked pads will remove my makeup and cleanse my face.  If I have removed my makeup, one is usually plenty to remove any residue and oils.

The Avon Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner is designed to clarify your skin and reduce the look of pores.  I have large pores, so have not seen much improvement, but it leaves my skin feeling great and I don’t expect major results from skincare in a couple of weeks of use.

Avon Anew Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes

Avon Anew Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes $12

The Avon Anew Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes are great for keeping at work or in the car – or beside the bed for when you remember you didn’t wash your face (or take off your makeup like me) five minutes after you get into bed.  I tend not to use wipes unless I am just being lazy as the texture of most irritates the dry patch of skin on my cheek but these were fairly gentle to use.

While the full price of this line is $12-14 each, you can pick them up at a special introductory rate, so order online or contact your local Avon Canada representative soon.

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