DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy Tea Review

Davids Tea Cotton Candy 2016 Boardwalk Collection Tea Review

So I had planned to review some different teas for this week as I felt like it was becoming more of a DAVIDsTEA review day than all teas.  But then DAVIDsTEA released to Boardwalk collection and sucked me into buying more teas.  Since they are limited edition, I thought I would review them before the others, starting with Cotton Candy!

Davids Tea Cotton Candy 2016 Boardwalk Collection Tea Review

DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy (2016) Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Ingredients: Green rooibos, sprinkles (sugar, salt, artificial flavoring, red 3, blue 1), mango (mango, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide), brittle (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar), natural and artificial flavouring.

Steeping Instructions:

  • Use near boiling water (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃)
  • 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz water (10 oz for iced tea)
  • Steep for 4-7 minutes

DavidsTea Cotton Candy 2016 Boardwalk Loose Tea

I am not the hugest fan of all of the artificial flavouring in this one, but then Cotton Candy isn’t good for you either so…

I steeped mine for longer than 7 minutes since I got sidetracked and forgot about it, but no bitterness so you probably want to steep it on the longer side for full flavour.

DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy Review

This might be my new favourite tea for the summer.  I know a few people who have tried it an all recommended it as a latte while my tea guide said that I had to try it as an iced latte so I decided to try both.

Davids Tea Cotton Candy Tea Latte

The foam makes it taste more like cotton candy since it gives it a lighter texture.  While the cotton candy taste is definitely there (and quite accurate), it was less sweet than I would have thought.  This is great for me as I am not a fan of overly sweet teas, but he did add some sugar to his hot latte.

Davids Tea Cotton Candy Iced tea

I had a sip of the cotton candy iced tea before adding milk to make an iced tea latte and while there was nothing wrong with it, still sweet and refreshing, I definitely prefer it as a latte (hot or cold).

Davids Tea Cotton Candy Iced tea Latte

Cotton Candy makes an amazing iced tea latte.  It was sweeter when brewed for longer and so refreshing on a hot 30℃ day.  The foam doesn’t last as long as when set with heat but it still gives it that lighter texture that makes you think cotton candy.

 I am sad I only picked up a sample sized bag of this, so will be going back for more this week.  I can see DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy being a summer staple for both of us.


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  2. This cotton candy tea is honestly my all time favorite from Davids tea and I’m really praying that they bring in back! I’d be extremely disappointed if they didn’t! It’s too good not to

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