Alphabet Nails: Julep Joanna

Julep Joanna Bombshell Nail Art

Julep Joanna Bombshell Nail Polish Lilac Frost

I can’t believe I am already on J in my alphabet of nail polish challenge.  For J, I chose Julep Joanna – Bombshell, a lilac frost. I have never had a Julep subscription, so must have received this as a gift or in a polish swap.  I am not sure I would have chosen it had I picked polishes, but it is really really nice colour with great application.

Also, a little happy dance, look how much my nails have grown since cutting them down to nothing after moving and breaking a couple!  Not sure if it is my new cuticle oil from Cuter Cuticles helping, summer or just less stress now that the move is over but yay for longer nails.

Julep Joanna Review

Julep Joanna Bombshell Nail Polish Pink Shimmer

Julep Joanna needed two coats for full opacity, great for a lighter colour and doesn’t have so much white that it looks chalky.  It has a smooth even finish with a slight silver and pink shimmer that is barely noticeable on the nail but makes it more wearable.  It is almost a one-coater (and could be if you do not mind some visible nail line) but the second coat gave it some more shimmer too.

Depending on lighting, Julep Joanna can look somewhere between a muted pinky purple with the shimmer showing to almost dove grey.  The frost is more noticeable in bright sunlight where you get the true lilac colour.

Julep Joanna Bombshell Nail Art

As with most weeks, I did some nailart with Julep Joanna.  Using Pueen Fancy Lover 02 and Born Pretty black stamping polish, I stamped the same image on each nail in a slightly different position.

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7 Replies to “Alphabet Nails: Julep Joanna”

  1. The stamping you did is so pretty!

  2. I think I have that one!

  3. It’s definitely the Cuter Cuticles, Sammy is amazing!!!!

  4. The black stamping looks perfect over that color. Beautiful job! <3

  5. Oohhh that subtle shimmer is beautiful!

  6. Not a huge Julep fan, but this color is lovely!

  7. That’s a lovely colour! And the pattern you stamped over it really compliments it.

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