THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 Swatch

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 swatch

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 swatch

I picked up THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails for a Christmas party and should have posted it ages ago.  It is shown here over a random jelly red and Zoya Storm.  The holo in Storm definitely helps it pop but it is a beautiful multi glitter topcoat.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 swatch stck

Trendy Nails GLI001 from The Face Shop is an almost clear polish with chunky white diamonds, bars and hex glitter with lots of gold toned hex and squares and some darker large semi-clear glitter which appears a darker rose over Zoya Nidhi which has a slight gold shimmer itself.

To me this is almost “we had a pile of random glitter left over and threw it in polish and somehow it just works”.  It is shown above without top coat to show the colours better but it definitely needs a coat or two of high shine top coat to smooth it out.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 swatch

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 bottle pic brush

The brush does pick up the glitter in THFACESHOP GLI001 well but there is no way to evenly space it with so many types of glitter going on. The white pieces also seem to just stick to each other.  You can pick up some of the bigger pieces from the brush and place them on the nail, but wait a while before using top coat as dry time is slow and they will move.

The brush itself is decent, nothing special.  Long and wide enough to cover my nail in three swipes.  I had a previous Trendy Nails polish from The Face Shop that had some long bristles but this one was even and smooth at the tip.  Not that it is a huge issue with this particular polish since the base in GLI001 is clear.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI001 bottle pic

You can see the different types of glitter including the blue-ish semi-clear glitter that takes on whatever base colour you are using.  Obviously, with gold and white glitter, GLI001 looks better over brights and darks rather than pastels or pale/neutral polishes.

Trendy Nails polishes in the Glitter (GLI) range are only $4 which is a great price for decent polishes in colours you will not wear often and don’t want to spend a fortune on.

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