DavidsTea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe

DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe with Mint Candy Cane

Davids Tea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte

Behind tea and nail polish, chocolate comes a close third so I love DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate tea.  Sadly it is a limited edition for the winter collection and will disappear after Christmas despite my pleas to keep it around.  The colder weather just begs for yummy frothy warm drinks, but drinking hot chocolate every day is hardly good for the waistline so my hot chocolate tea latte recipe has become my go to evening drink on cold days.

Davids Tea Hot Chocolate Loose Tea Tin

DAVIDsTea Hot Chocolate tea is “a flavourful base of pu’erh and black tea, then we added real cocoa nibs and fudgy chocolate chips. The result? An uber-chocolately blend worthy of the name Hot Chocolate. Dark, sweet and totally satisfying, it’s the perfect winter treat”

Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, black tea, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips (sugar, c hocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), chocolate curls (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, whey powder, lactose, soy lecithin, vanilla), stevia extract (and more, it is cut off online).

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoons of Hot Chocolate Tea per 16 oz mug.  Use near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) water and steep for 4-7 minutes.

Price: $8.98/50g loose or $16 for the 85g Rainbow Tin shown (2017 pricing)

They don’t skimp on he chocolate with several nibs, swirls and chocolate chips in every perfect spoon full of tea (if you do not have a DAVIDsTEA perfect spoon, go get one, perfect amount of tea every time).

Davids Tea Hot Chocolte Tea Brewed

The chocolate melts as the hot chocolate tea steeps, so you get a dark murky pu’erh – black tea mix when brewed.  Delicious on its own, but amazing as a tea latte – so amazing I need a large DAVIDsTEA latte mug full every time!

DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe with Mint Candy Canes

Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe

With chocolate, this tea does not really need a sweetener.  I do not have sugar or honey in most black teas, so you may wish to add some.  If making a latte, you want to steep extra loose tea with your water.  You will be adding a fair amount of milk and you still want to taste that hot chocolate tea goodness.  I use 11oz water with 2 spoons of tea and steep for 4 minutes.

DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe with Mint Candy Cane

Pour that delicious tea into your big latte mug.  Take a regular (10oz) mug and fill it about 1/3rd full with milk.  I use 2% because that is all we buy, but skim or full fat works.  Use a frother until the foamy milk is almost at the top of the mug and microwave for 30 seconds. If you don’t have a frother, I picked up mine for $6 at Home Outfitters or you can use a mason jar and shake the milk until frothy, more details on how to make a tea latte here.

Pour the milk using a spoon to hold back the thicker foam until last.  Then sprinkle a little cocoa powder then enjoy your hot chocolate tea latte!  I topped mine with a minty candy cane.  Then sprinkled on some shaved chocolate from a Dairy Milk Mint Chocolate bar for that Christmassy feeling.

DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe - Mint Candy Cane



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  1. I LOVE making tea lattes, especially in the winter time! I admit I’m mostly hooked on matcha (day time) and apple custard (evening) ones at the moment, but I bet this combination is delicious 🙂

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      me too (much to the annoyance of the cats who go crazy at the smell of warmed milk and don’t get any), apple custard sounds amazing!

      1. Sucks to be a cat! But it was a winter tea last year, really good…I may have stocked up too much. If they bring it back I highly recommend. 🙂

        1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

          I have been stocking up on hot chocolate so I have it once the winter collection ends

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      I have, but I am weird and hate marshmallows (still thought about it for the peppermint and a red tin though)

  2. Yay thanks for the recipe! I’ve never been sure how to make a tea latte, so if I have one it’s always from a store. Gotta try this soon!

  3. […] but not one I tried before.  It was recommended to me as a possible replacement for my favourite, Hot Chocolate tea which was limited […]

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