MoYou London Nail Art Stamping Kits Review

MoYou Festive Collection Nail Art Stamping Plate Set Trade Secrets Canada

MoYou Festive Collection Nail Art Stamping Plate Set Trade Secrets Canada

I may have done a happy dance when I heard that Trade Secrets would be selling MoYou products in Canada.  My friends back home love them but with shipping and taxes at the border, they are pricey and many you find online are knockoffs and not etched as well.

Nail stamping kits in stores are actually quite hard to find.  I like to look at what I am buying so it was great to see them in-store as well as online so I picked up a MoYou Festive starter kit and a Fashionista plate.  The available plates in the starter kits are slightly different than the plates sold on their own, so check before buying as I want the Festive plate now for candy canes because it was not in the kit.

MoYou London Kits: What’s In The Box?

MoYou Festive Collection Whats In The Box Trade Secrets Canada

Kits are priced at $29.95 and include a plate (in a protective sleeve), a polish and a little bag with a squishy stamp and mini credit card style scraper while single plates are $13.95.  Certainly not the cheapest stamping plates, but they are well made for clear stamping and have gorgeous designs.  The stamp and scraper alone cost $16.95 while the polishes vary from $9.95 to $19.95 so the kits are decent if you need the extras.  Some kits, like Illusion, are not available as single plates at Trade Secrets.  Something else to consider when choosing your kits and plates.

MoYou Stamper Scraper Set Trade Secrets Canada

The MoYou scraper is adorable.  It is a mini credit card style and does not scratch your plates while still removing the polish cleanly.  Probably the best scraper I have received in a kit ever and likely to be the only one I use in the future.  Despite the cute design and using acetone to clean up, there was no loss of colour or picture on the scraper.

The stamp however, is jut not for me.  I know people who will only use MoYou stamps so not sure if I got a dud or if it is more because I prefer firmer stamps.  It is very squishy, probably the softest squishiest stamper I have bought.  Plus it is white, so using my included MoYou white polish was a bit of a pain as I couldn’t see the design well.  The stamp comes out of the holder regularly too (on 6 out of 10 nails).  I ended up using my Messy Mansion stamper instead.

MoYou Festive Nail Art Stamping Plate Trade Secrets Canada

The MoYou Festive Collection plate from the kit has 18 images included.  All were etched well enough to stamp clearly and it includes a mixture of Christmas images like gifts and lights and many ugly sweater images, because what is Christmas without the ugly sweaters?  Since there are 18 on the collection plates, they are a little smaller than those on the regular plates and maybe not the best if you have large/long nails.

MoYou Fashionista 04

MoYou Fashionista Nail Art Stamping Plate Trade Secrets Canada

I also picked up the MoYou Fashionista 04 plate, a series of geometric stamping images including zigzags to save on guides!  This is one I see a lot of nail bloggers using so it was the one I wanted first.  Again, well made and lots of different images that can be used together for different looks.  I love that each one has a protective sleeve with the designs.  Easier to flip through them to find the one you want plus they do not get scratched easily.  The Fashionista plate in the kit is very different and one full design you can pick parts of compared to the 12 geometric ones shown here.

Sweater Nails Nail Art Using MoYou Plates

Sadly, my topcoat smudged it a little.  I am still having Essie issues when using their top coats over stamped images.  But here are my ugly sweater nails using images from both the festive and fashionista plates.  I used Essence Turn The Lights On as a base and Rimmel Kate 711 Punk Rock for stamping.

Trade Secrets is holding a twitter party tonight, November 19th, at 8pm and you can win a starter kit of your own!  Join using #MoYouYourMani while following @TradeSecretCA.

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  1. I have to stay away from TS otherwise my wallet is going to cry!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Haha I popped in for some OPI Glitter Off the other day, $70 later…

  2. I WISH I had the patience to stamp. I have a kit (NOT MoYou though) that I rarely use! But MoYou tempts me always.

  3. oh gosh this brand, MoYou they are sooo bad! I purchased so many of their palettes just because they’re so pretty, and i dont even use…i need to learn how to do stamping properly

  4. I have never tried stamping before, but somehow seeing what’s included in the stamping set makes it seem so much less scary. That’s a bummer that it smudged with the top coat, but it looks really pretty nonetheless!

  5. […] me so I could buy the Festive Collection for Christmas nailart as well as a handful of plates.  I reviewed the Festive starter set here and the new one has a different stamper so it is worth checking both out depending on your stamping […]

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