Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

Sally Hansen 18k Gold Cuticle Eraser

I am hard on my nails, even more so on my cuticles.  I envy the nail bloggers who post photos of their immaculate looking nails.  No cuticles, perfect manicures and pretty polishes.  Sadly, that isn’t the case for many of us and we have to work hard just to make our cuticles look tidy.

Gold has become the new it thing in beauty products.  Gold in beauty products can help stimulate collagen, boost elasticity and increase firmness.  These are all must haves in most skin and nail products.  Sally Hansen’s 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser contains real gold along with quartz to exfoliate and moisturize your cuticles.

Sally Hansen 18k Gold Cuticle Eraser

Sally Hansen’s 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser is a squeezey pen with an applicator nib.  The lid contains a cuticle pusher with a exfoliating surface.  Simply squeeze the pen type applicator to release the cuticle remover.  Push the liquid onto your cuticles with the nib as the cuticle eraser is released.  Then wait a minute and push your cuticles back with the lid.  The exfoliating surface allows you to scrub away the cuticles with no damage.

Before scrubbing/pushing with the lid, I like to use my fingers to really distribute the cuticle eraser and scrub it in well.  This helps with target areas where the larger cuticle pusher may not get to.  It dries fairly quickly and you can see the shimmer of gold and the whiter quartz.

This cuticle eraser doesn’t make the cuticles come off as quickly as some.  Rather than leaving ragged skin and almost burning them off like many, it left the visible cuticle looking and feeling much healthier.  I originally tried this after removing a soak off gel polish, so you can really notice the difference after 5 minutes of acetone drying out your cuticles.

I still used a cuticle oil (I am a huge fan of CND Solar Oil) after using it, it doesn’t leave them that moisturized, but I apply cuticle oil regularly after any nail treatment anyway.

Sally Hansen 18k Gold Cuticle Eraser

Buy Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

  • Available almost everywhere Sally Hansen products are sold.  The cuticle eraser retails for $8-11 depending on sales/location.
  • More information here

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8 Replies to “Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser”

  1. I’m currently trying to fix my husband’s cuticles with nightly manicure sessions. (He doesn’t seem to care about them, but I do!) This looks promising!

  2. I tried giving him a manicure, he is just not that into it.
    He will happily use foot soak, bubble bath etc, but manicures are going too far

  3. hmm this is the first I’ve seen or heard of this cuticle eraser – I’d like to try it, as I haven’t been able to do a good job on my cuticles very frustrating! Something different sounds good!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: Reply

    sounds like a good cuticle eraser. You do the same as I do – use fingers to really distribute the cuticle eraser and scrub it in well. Might as well make sure that it’s going to work as well as it possibly can right? 🙂

  5. It sounds like this worked well for you. I must try it for my frustrating cuticles.

  6. Very neat sounding product – I havent heard of such things..

  7. Never seen this! Will look for this to try! Thanks!

  8. Cheryl Grandy says: Reply

    This is different than any other product I’ve seen. Interesting. Might be what I need. Thanks for the review.

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