Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling Swatch

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling Swatch & Review

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling Swatch & Review

I just joined Canadian Beauty Bloggers and the beauty theme for May is orange so I thought I would put on one of my favourite orange polishes, Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling.

This is an older Essence polish, and one of the few that I have used so much that I had to buy a new bottle.  It is a great burnt orange colour with a mix of larger and small gold flakies.  One of the things I love about Essence’s flakies is that they are not chunky and the polish feels fairly smooth even before any top coat is used.

This was one of the first colours with the newer shaped bottles so has that great stubby flat brush.  Gorgeous Bling Bling has full coverage in two coats.  Shown above with no top coat.  It is a great fall colour, but bright enough to wear now too.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the name, it just isn’t very Bling’ish no matter how gorgeous people may find it.

Find out more about Essence polishes here or check out your local Shoppers Drug Mart to pick some up.

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9 Replies to “Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling Swatch”

  1. Great color! Ive never ventured into oranges myself for polish – but apparently I just needed a great shade like this! I love the Essence brand – super cheap so you really cannot go wrong with trying something new!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      I am a huge fan of Essence for colours I know I won’t wear often and don’t want to spend $10 on

  2. Very fall-ish! I have a strange obsession with orange lately…I just bought an orange jacket. Hope I don’t get sick of it! (But that’s the great thing about nail polish, hey? )

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Much cheaper than a jacket too!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: Reply

    I do like the gold flakes in the nail polish, looks very classy 🙂

  4. Very nice colour to give a pop for spring. I agree with you about the name though.

  5. Orange doesn’t look too good on me, but this shade is beautiful! I’m also a huge fan of essence so I’m not surprised that it has a good formula. I agree with you about the name though cause the polish is not all that bling-y – I’d expect glitters instead of flakies – but it’s a really pretty flakie polish!

  6. I love Essence polishes. I’ve never tried this one, but it looks like the perfect fall colour.

  7. I would have never thought to use orange but it looks very pretty!

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