Alter Ego Cuticle Oil & Hit the Spot

Alter Ego Hit the Spot and Cuticle Oil Pens

Alter Ego Hit the Spot and Cuticle Oil Pens

Whether you change your polish a lot of not, a good cuticle oil is essential. It keeps your cuticles soft and looking better. Healthy cuticles also help you grow healthy nails. If you have ever had a hard piece of cuticle make your nail grow with a dip in it, you will know what I mean. But it also helps the nail grow with more moisture maintaining flex to limit breakage. Today I am sharing two cuticle products from Alter Ego, their cuticle oil pens and Hit the Spot balm.

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pens Review

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pens

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pens are some of the largest I have seen at 4.5ml. While they last due to size, they can be a little bulky. If you have ever used Cuter Cuticles roller balls, the tube is the same width as her glass bottles but almost as high as two bottles. They are generally colourless but some of the scented ones are a little more yellow looking. The colour doesn’t show on the nail through.

Alter Ego Cuticle Oil Pens 2

They are made with mineral oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and more including jojoba oil. They are available in 50 scents. Some of my faves are chocolate mint, key lime, soda pop, few drops, sweet orange and Cynthia has a new one Tea & Cake that I can’t wait to try

The pen itself is good for gently pushing the oil right into the cuticle and getting under the nail. The oil absorbs quickly so you can get on with whatever you are doing – great if you are a regular oiler like me. I tend to keep this on my desk and nightstand but have a smaller rollerball in my purse for on the go use.

Alter Ego Hit The Spot Review

Alter Ego Hit the Spot 3

Hit the Spot is more of a balm than a cuticle oil. While it does have moisturizing ingredients, I typically use it to lock in my cuticle oil. It comes in a slim lipbalm tyle tube holding 15mls

What it excels at though is a matte swatching balm. If you have ever painted you nails a bunch of times in a day, you know how drying acetone can be, even with acetone additive. Plus if you are taking photos, you want your cuticles to look soft but not greasy. Hit the Spot is the perfect size to give them a hit of moisture and smooth the look while swatching.

Alter Ego Hit the Spot 2

If you wash your hands a lot, the beeswax and other ingredients lock in moisture and act as a barrier cream. It’s also great for dabbing on cuts or insect bites and the slim 15ml tube lets you get it exactly where you want it. Hit the Spot is only available in unscented but does have a slight scent to it from the cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax.

Both are $3.50 US bought directly from Alter Ego but you can save 20% on your purchase with coupon code TEANAILPOLISH.

I have noted these as PR samples but they were not sent for review. I got my pick of items when I helped at Indie Expo Canada last year. I do mod the Alter Ego facebook group though so felt I should add a disclosure.

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