Floral Nails with BZ016 Decals

BZ016 Floral Nails CBBxManiMonday 3

BZ016 Floral Nails CBBxManiMonday 3

It is another Mani Monday! This month, we are doing floral nails for #CBBxManiMonday and since the Beautube drama took up the weekend and I left my nails until this morning once again, I went for decals. I am really not sure where I got these BZ016 decals, probably AliExpress or Born Pretty since they don’t have any brand name on them.

BZ016 Floral Nails CBBxManiMonday

The decals themselves are the kind you don’t need a white base for as they are completely opaque with a white background. I wish there was a way of knowing which ones need a base. They came with no instructions to ignore but are also quite small. The will fit most nails but mine are a decent size and barely fit across my nail. They were long enough for my nails but if you have claws, wouldn’t fit.


BZ016 Floral Nails CBBxManiMonday 2

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