Relief From Tired Achy Feet

Rehab for Tired Achy Feet

Rehab for Tired Achy Feet

I hate wearing heels.  I love the way the look, but I hate how my feet feel later.  I could live in flats but sometimes you have to wear heels.  Summer means more dresses and they look great with heels.  Even in flats, you are more likely to be on the go for longer in summer and that means tired achy feet.

Here are my must haves for achy feet:


Dr Scholl's For Her Insoles to stop tired achy feet

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Insoles

Try and reduce the chances of tired achy feet with insoles.  Since prettier shoes do not always have space for bulky insoles, I love the Dr. Scholl’s For Her ranges which includes insoles for open does, high heels and ones with cute designs in case they are noticed.  They also have cushions for your heels, ball of foot or strips to go around the back of your shoe to stop them rubbing and fit better.

Dr Scholls For Her Jelly Soak For Tired Achy Feet

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Jelly Soak

These jelly soaks were originally made for their vibrating foot spa, but can be used alone.  I was given one of these a few years ago in a basket of spa stuff and it sat on my stockpile shelves for ages.  I am not the hugest fan of lavender and have typically just soaked my feet with some peppermint oil. After trying it, I love them and use them all of the time.

You empty the single use packet to a basin of water and add 3-4L of warm or hot water.  Wait a few minutes and the powder absorbs the water and becomes jelly like.  Sink your feet in and just sit there and enjoy.  The jelly formula means that the water stays warm for longer so you can watch tv for a while and enjoy the warmth.   You won’t believe how great this makes your tired achy feet feel after just a few minutes!

Tip: have a jug of water ready to rinse off your feet, the jelly beads don’t just fall off when you lift your feet out of the basin.

Dr. Scholl’s Jelly Soak Therapy comes in packs of 5 for under $10

Flextastic for Tired Achy Feet

Flex-tastic For Tired Achy Feet

When these were first recommended to me, I thought that they were just like overpriced toe separators I use when painting my toe nails, but oh do they make your tired achy feet feel good.  They are especially good when you have been wearing pointed shoes all day.  Simply insert your toes into the toe-holes and wear them for at least 5 minutes.  Your toes will be separated and aligned and you can even wear them in the tub!

These yoga inspired toe separators are gel so do not hurt when separating your toes but help relieves sore, tired achy feet, straightens and re-aligns problem toes and restores flexibility and circulation.  While you are wearing them, run your foot over a tennis ball to relive pressure further down your foot.

A set of two Pro-Foot Flex-Tastic toe separators cost about $12 and are available in most drug stores.

EcoTools Spa Socks For Tired Achy Feet

EcoTools Spa Moisture Socks

After your mini home spa for your feet, rub some thick lotion into your feet and slip on EcoTools Spa Moisture Socks to lock in the moisture overnight. These bamboo socks are extremely soft and feel light to the skin, allowing the skin to breathe while allowing the lotion to soak in and not rub off onto bedding.

EcoTools have been out of stock for a while, but has them for under $6.  While this seems much higher than the ones you can buy from the dollar store, they last longer and do not have annoying seams in areas that rub like cheap ones.

Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream for Tired Achy Feet

Udderly Smooth Foot Cream

Need a great food cream?  Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream is great for moisturizing tired achy feet.  This foot cream contains shea butter to make a more intensive moisturizer.  It smooths roughness and softens dry feet abd elps get feet ready for summer sandal season. It absorbs well but is thick enough for night time use and has a non-greasy formula so won’t ruin your new EcoTools socks!

What products do you love for tired achy feet?

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: Reply

    I love the idea of the jelly soak for my feet and those socks sound great for night time treatment too 🙂

  2. That jelly soak sounds really cool – I am on my feet for 8 hrs at work; so they certainly do get tired.. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      I really love the stuff, the jelly feeling between your toes is great

  3. Great post! I’m also not a huge fan of lavender, and use a lot of mint based foot products, but that jelly soak looks relaxing!

  4. Love your product recos. I usually go for a nice foot massage or soak in epson salts.

  5. My feet kill me – something like this looks like a great idea

  6. I would love to try the jelly soak. I am sure it would help relax my feet.

  7. I like the idea of the Flex-tastics. I do have issues with my toes, so to have these straighten and re-align problem toes is perfect. I really want to try these.

  8. Cheryl Grandy says: Reply

    It’s amazing what a little bit of extra padding in a shoe can do to improve the comfort! These look like great products to provide relief to tired feet.

  9. The Flextastic looks awesome… Feet are killing me today (I run).

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