Quo Beauty Envy Makeup Set

Quo Beauty Envy  Kit

I usually do not go for these mega kits as I find they go to waste and are fairly bulky so I reach for other products.  However, Quo’s Beauty Envy Kit caught my eye at the cosmetics counter at Shoppers Drug Mart.  These Christmas sets were on clearance for $24 (they were around $60 when they were released) so I had to have one, if nothing else they have the great gel-cream eyeliners and I was stuck looking for blue shadows for wink day last year.  Plus the whole Rose Quartz and Serenity colour of the year thing means I need a little more blue in my life.  [Read more…]

Demeter Foolproof Blending With Sunshine & Clean Skin

Demeter Foolproof Blending Duo Clean Skin Sunshine

Demeter has a huge Fragrance Library and they can be combined to make delicious custom scents.  They realize that the choices can be overwhelming for a first time blender so have Foolproof Blending Duos and Trios available.  Each one is curated to allow you to blend and layer any combination without worrying about a scent mistake you have to shower off before leaving the house.

Demeter loves the Canadian Beauty Bloggers community and scent lots of us these custom foolproof blending kits to try out.  You can see reviews of the other duos and trios here.   [Read more…]

Birchbox January 2016 Review

Birchbox January 2016 All Products

This will be my last Birchbox, I cancelled it just days before hearing the news that Birchbox is pausing their Canadian operations.  I chose not to pick a Sample Choice option this month since I was not overly impressed with any of them.

Birchbox January 2016 Box

The packaging this month was bright pink, purple and orange with stickers to show your choice of the year.  2016: The Year of Strength, Fearlessness, Risks, Creativity, Gratitude, Ambition or Joy. [Read more…]

DAVIDsTEA Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin

So, I had planned to post a pink tea with Valentine’s Day coming up.  I assumed that with cranberry and hibiscus that DAVIDsTea Cranberry Orange Muffin would be pink.  Turns out, it isn’t but since I am trying to drink my stash, especially the herbal infusions, so they do not go bad before I can finish them here it is.  [Read more…]

Essence Nail Art Stampy Set

Essence Stampy Nail Art Set - Packaging

Nail stamping can be an expensive habit so I was interested when I saw Essence’s Nail Art stampy set at Shoppers Drug Mart for only $5.  It seemed like it would be good for starting out and for people who are not sure if stamping is for them.  I picked up the be creative (01) kit which was the only one currently available.  [Read more…]