Quo On The Go Travel Makeup Palette Contest

Quo On The Go Makeup Palette Contest Tea & Nail Polish

One of the things that drives me crazy about smaller purses is choosing which makeup items to include for touch-ups.  That is one of the main reasons I stock up on travel palettes of makeup, they have everything in one compact and fit in most purses.  While many are cheap looking and not very good quality, Quo always has good quality ones and I want to give you the opportunity to win one of your own!

Quo beauty products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and the kits change seasonally.

Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics and cosmetic accessories. All Quo products are developed from an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation that consistently delivers a contemporary core assortment and the must have colours products for the season.

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For the Love of Baroness Chocolates (Review)

Baroness Chocolates All

If you know me, you know I love chocolate.  But I am fussy about chocolate.  Having grown up in England, I am used to creamier chocolate (and actual chocolate, not “candy” too).  So I was delighted when chickadvisor chose me as one of 50 lucky Canadians to try all seven of the Baroness Chocolate bars.

Although I had not tried Baroness Chocolate before, the name was familiar from their kickstarter campaign a while back.  Baroness Chocolates motto is “Act with sincerity, Live with joy”and their chocolate does help with the joy part!  As a Canadian company, they choose to manufacture and package their chocolate here and they do not mass produce identical looking bars either – you get real chocolate!

Baroness Chocolate believes in ethical chocolate too.  All of their chocolate ingredients are sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farmers, gluten-free, kosher and many of the bars are completely organic too.

Baroness Chocolates Tummy Rub

Baroness Chocolate Tummy Rub

When you need a hug and a nap, deep milk chocolate with a dark chocolate cookie wafer

I will start with my favourite of the seven.  I a huge believer in not wasting good chocolate by adding a pile of ingredients and “stuff”.  I love a good milk chocolate bar but Baroness Chocolates Tummy Rub is absolutely delicious.  The chocolate is a bit darker/deeper tasting than regular milk chocolate and the dark chocolate wafer is substantial and crunchy but not so much that it takes away from the chocolate.  Tummy Rub really is like a chocolate hug, the ultimate in comfort food and one I would definitely buy if I saw in a store.  I saved a little of this (not much, because I loved it) for a gluten free friend who often misses cookie type chocolates to try because I am sure she will love it.

Baroness Chocolates Dob Dobs

Baroness Chocolate Dob Dobs

Chocolate that lingers on your tastebuds like a loving embrace then slaps you in the face.  Semi sweet chocolate with caramel and pecans.

So often, you see advertisements for chocolate and the bar is nothing like it.  Dob Dobs is a little different looking from the packaging but that is actually a good thing.  They have taken the pecans that encrust the top in the images and put them inside so the caramel melts around it and you don’t get nuts crumbling off while you try to eat it.  I do not find that it slaps you in the face, the semi-sweet chocolate has a bit of bitterness but nowhere near dark chocolate.  It is the perfect Baroness Chocolate bar for those looking for something with a bit of extra sweetness.  The caramel leaks out when you bite it, but not dripping so you can enjoy it on the go.  Again, something I will buy again.

Baroness Chocolates Love & Blessing

Baroness Chocolate Love & Blessing

Chocolate tastes better when shared.  50% milk chocolate and 50% dark chocolate – 100% organic

I actually thought that this would be my favourite when I first read the descriptions.  I think mine may have been a bit more more than 50% dark.  In my images, you can see the smaller amount of milk chocolate.  It was still delicious, but if you prefer milk, it is worth noting that the handmade nature of Baroness Chocolate means that you may not get exactly as advertised.

When I say handmade, I mean handmade – check out this image from CBC when they toured Baroness Chocolates

That being said, the chocolate was delicious and you can tell that Baroness Chocolates puts a lot of care into their chocolate.  The dark chocolate was deep but not that chalky bitter chocolate you get from some of the “gourmet” chocolate places that have popped up recently.

Baroness Chocolates Aiyaaaa!

Baroness Chocolate Aiyaaaa!

Summon the Kung Fu Master within with dark milk chocolate, almonds, sea salt and delicious butterscotch

Like Dob Dobs, they have opted to move the nuts into the bar rather than on top with this one as shown in the advertising.  I don’t know about Kung Fu Master, but for someone who generally prefers chocolate without nuts, I found this one really delicious.  The sweetness of the butterscotch is a nice touch with the slightly darker chocolate used by Baroness Chocolates so it is very balanced.  I liked that the nuts were a mixture of slivers/pieces and fairly full almonds too, the texture change was nice compared to many that have tiny pieces.

Baroness Chocolates Mocha Krunhjay

Baroness Chocolate Mocha Krunhjah

Give yourself permission to say what you want.  Medium dark chocolate with coffee, toffee, sea salt and almonds.  Certified organic.

There is a lot going on in a Mocha Krunhjah bar (and try saying that name several times fast).  The coffee flavour is milder than I would have thought and apart from the chocolate being a darker blend/colour, this one does look like the advertising. What is not clear is that the toffee is sponge toffee which makes me like it more and there are large pieces of it though the bar with the rest of the ingredients sprinkled on top.  There is too much in it for my tastes, but after my taste test, I shared and it was a favourite with others.

Baroness Chocolates Subversive Squirrel

Baroness Chocolate Subversive Squirrel

Stay free and fight the power!  Very dark chocolate with peanuts and brittle.

Subversive Squirrel is a peanut lovers dream.  It has large pieces of peanut brittle through the bar and then piles of peanuts sprinkled on the top.  Like the others, the dark chocolate (and it very dark chocolate) doesn’t have that chalkiness that other gourmet dark chocolates suffer from which is great.  I personally think I would have liked this better if the chocolate was not quite so dark.  It has a great name though so it rocks!

Baroness Chocolates Tantric Tiger

Baroness Chocolate Tantric Tiger

Breathe deeply and then pounce!  Roasted almonds, cranberries, and sea salt in semi sweet chocolate.

Semi sweet chocolate always makes me think of raiding the baking supplies when I am low on regular chocolate which probably colours my opinion of this one a little but I am just not a fan of Tantric Tiger (despite the amazing name).  The ingredients in this one are generally not ones  would go for (I do like sea salt but the cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate I can do without).  I am sure if you are a fan of cranberries you would probably like it.  Like some of the others, they have opted to put the cranberries and almonds inside of the bar rather than sprinkled on top as shown on the packaging.  While I am a huge fan of the Baroness Chocolates brand, I don’t ever see myself buying this one.

In all, they were absolutely delicious and you can tell that Baroness really cares about the chocolate they make.  If you feel like really treating yourself, they also have one that is wrapped in edible 24 karat gold and comes in a crystal display box – but you can buy a lot of regular Baroness Chocolate bars for $180 that the gold one costs!

As mentioned, some are darker than others.  Baroness Chocolates uses a blend of chocolates in every bar and make it easy for you to see how dark your chocolate is at a glance on the packaging.  The lighter the brown on the chart, the lighter your chocolate.


Connect with Baroness Chocolate

Shop online or find out more about their chocolates here

Find a store selling Baroness Chocolates here

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: I received my Baroness Chocolates from ChickAdvisor free of charge for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


L’Oreal Oleotherapy Sulfate-Free Oil Infused Hair Care Review

L'Oreal Oleotherapy Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I had shampoo and conditioner on my list at the recent Shoppers Drug Mart redemption event, but ended up shopping at a different store than the one I usually go to and they did not carry any of the brands I wanted.  I was getting low so walking along the shelves, I settled on trying l’Oreal OleoTherapy shampoo and conditioner.

My hair has really suffered this winter so I was looking for something for dry hair, but thinking about how greasy my roots get, I was worried about something oil infused.  Oleotherapy promises no residue and no weigh down so I thought it was at least worth trying and I am so glad I did.

OleoTherapy is l’Oreal’s first replenishing system for dull, dry or damaged hair. Formulated with a 6 flower oil blend, the Oleotherapy system provides intense nutrition and shine. Hair is restored to smooth and silky. No weigh-down. No greasy residue.  10x smoother hair. Intense nutrition. Silky feel.

L’Oreal Oleotherapy Shampoo

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Sulfate-Free System OleoTherapy Oil Infused Shampoo seems really greasy when you first squeeze some out.  You can tell it is oil infused just by the feel of it.  The shampoo is fairly thick and the 6 flower oil smells like flowers, the whole bathroom was scented by the time I was done and it lingered in my hair and bathroom for hours.  Something to note if you are sensitive to scents.

As I put this thick oily shampoo into my hair, I was thinking oh no, I am going to have greasy hair and have almost no shampoo yet.  It took some lathering, probably because it is more oil based than soapy but surprisingly rinsed quite well (as I stand there thinking what sample shampoos I have in my stash).  After rinsing my hair felt really soft and not at all greasy or weight down.  Even better, my hair was tangle free – almost unheard of with this mop of hair!

The thicker consistency of Oleotherapy shampoo coupled with my thick long hair meant I used a fair bit more shampoo  than I would normally use. Definitely one of those two shampoos to every bottle of conditioner buys.

L’Oreal Oleotherapy Conditioner

The l’Oreal Hair Expertise Oleotherapy conditioner seems less oily when compared to the shampoo but you can still feel and smell the 6 flower oil system in the cream consistency of the conditioner.  It spreads easily through the hair and rinses well leaving no residue and not weighing down my hair.  The scent is a bit stronger than the shampoo and likely what was lingering in my hair for a while after washing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the duo.  After washing, my hair was so soft and manageable.  I usually spend ages straightening my hair and it took about half the time to dry and straighten after using Oleotherapy shampoo and conditioner.  I am looking forward to trying the rest of the line.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask Review

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Tissue Mask Canada Review

Garnier’s Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask has been one of my favourite skincare products since they sent me a sample quite some time ago.

While I am not sure that a tissue mask can really address dark spots the same way a targeted treatment does, I prefer tissue masks in general and Garnier’s is super hydrating and works for my skin.  That being said, my dark spots are not so dark that I worry about them that much, they are easily covered with makeup.

Tissue masks are fairly mainstream outside of North America and especially in Asia, but here, they tend to only be the higher end expensive masks.  Garnier’s masks are affordable in comparison and boast 15mls of hydrating serum per mask.  The masks are thin cotton type masks, they do not break apart easily and form well to your face to maximize the skin touching the mask.  Even better, they have done a great job of putting the holes and slits where they should be.  So many masks are badly cut and leave me thinking that I have a disformed face.  They can stretch a little too which is great if you have a rounder face that many masks do not fit well and stop short of the hairline so you can use them without worrying about getting it in your hair like some I have tried.

The mask stayed moist for the full 10 minutes you are supposed to leave it on and there was some serum left in the packaging I rubbed into my chest, neck and the back of my hands.  My face did look hydrated, fresh looking and renewed after even the first use, but after many months of using them regularly (admittedly not the 3 times a week they say to use them to dark spots) I do not see much difference in dark spots.  My skin looks brighter and healthier which helps reduce how obvious the dark spots are though and since they leave my skin hydrated, my makeup looks better too.

While I will admit that these are cheaper than most tissue masks on the market in Canada and do leave my skin feeling hydrated, if dark spots are not an issue for you (or like me, you don’t see a huge difference using them), you can get tissue masks from Asia on Amazon or ebay for much less.  That being said, they work for my skin so I have bought quite a few boxes since I received that sample.

Buy Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Masks come in a pack of 6 for around $15-20 depending on sales at most drug stores

Tips To Eat Less Without Really Trying

Eat Less Without Trying Tea & Nail Polish

I am terrible for mindless eating.  Whether it is boredom eating, comfort eating or just being on the run without healthy options available, I am likely to make a bad eating choice.  I thought I would share some of the tips that work for me:


One of the best ways to eat less without trying is to trick your mind into thinking it is eating more

  • use a smaller plate: a full plate, even a smaller one will seem full to your brain and help make it think you are full.  Remember your grandparent’s old china?  Check how small those plates are compared to many on the market now!
  • plates with borders: you know how you hated colouring outside the lines as a kid? Your brain still thinks a little like that.  Using a plate with a border will trick your mind into thinking the plate is fuller than if it had the same amount of food with no border.
  • use skinny containers: long flute glasses don’t hold much but seem like they do, small bowls will let you have a snack but give you portion control.
  • put the serving dish away before you eat: you are less likely to go back for seconds if it is out of sight and especially if it needs to be heated.

Think like you are eating at a restaurant (but without the oversized portion sizes)

  • Mood lighting helps us eat less and slower
  • Soft music can help with lulls in the conversation so you don’t automatically eat during the lull
  • Colour can make a huge difference and be a trigger.  You know those rich reds you see in restaurants, red, yellow, orange can encourage you to eat!

Healthy Eating Eat Less Without Trying

Clean out that fridge.  While you can keep the “bad foods” move them away from eye level so when you open it, you see healthy options first and are more likely to choose them.

  • Portion out fruit, vegetables, snacks so they are easy to grab and you are not reaching for an easy option that is less healthy
  • Making a healthy dinner?  Make extra and freeze for a night when you are busy so you are less likely to choose takeout food


Just like you can eat less by removing the serving dish from easy access, you can eat less by keeping snacks out of sight

  • Portion out unhealthy snacks like chips and hide them away and away from eye level if in cupboards/the fridge
  • Keep fruit and other healthy options visible for you are more likely to choose it as a snack
  • Keep your counters clear: not seeing any food makes you less likely to think of eating
  • Like to snack?  You can eat less by making yourself reach for snacks.  It can be as simple as moving the coffee table away from the sofa so you can’t reach that bowl of popcorn (and don’t cheat by putting the bowl on the sofa!)

Hope these tips can help you too!

A Taste of Ireland in Niagara Falls – Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub


A while back, we discovered this gem in Niagara Falls.  Many hotel restaurants can be overpriced and the themed ones a little tacky when it comes to touristy areas, but not Doc Magilligan’s.   I found it an amusing name for an Irish pub since there is a prison named Magilligan – part of what made me want to go in as we drove past intending to head to a chain restaurant.

Doc Magilligan’s was comfortable, friendly and despite being fairly big and busy at the time, did not feel crowded.  We went twice and the staff were excellent both days.  Doc Magilligan’s is based on and old Irish proverb says, “laughter is brightest in the place where good food is!” and they have done a great job living up to it.

We shared Doc’s Sharing Platter the first time we went to Doc Magilligan’s, it was just $18.95 and it was plenty of food to share.  It went well with our beers plus they had live music while we ate.

  • Scotch eggs: Fresh hardboiled egg, wrapped in seasoned ground pork, coated in breadcrumbs and fried until golden brown. Served with a Guinness mustard dip
  • Fresh Potato Crisps: Hand cut, fresh potato chips served with a mild curried mayonnaise dip
  • Reuben Bites: Made-from-scratch corned beef blended in bite-sized balls with Swiss cheese, cream cheese and sauerkraut, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and served with garlic aioli
  • House-Made Sausage Rolls: Locally-sourced Storm’s fresh-ground seasoned pork wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden. Served with a savoury maple dip (and totally delicious!)

Magilligans Irish Pub Niagara Doc's Sharing Platter

One of the things that I love about Doc Magilligan’s is that they have Irish soda bread which they make in house and serve with honey butter.  I love soda bread, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t make it like my grandma’s bread. At just $2.45 per serving, we had a few (to the point we may have joked about just asking them to give us a whole one to take back to the hotel).

Magilligan's Irish Pub Niagara Falls Soda Bread

It was so good, we had to go back the next day when we met friends.  One had the poutine and it was gone before I could snap a photo.

  • Magilligan’s Fish & Chips Delicate fresh haddock fillets dipped in house-blend Harp lager batter and fried until crispy outside and moist and tender inside. Served with hand cut fries and tartar sauce $11.95 (or $14.95 for two pieces)
  • Guinness-Braised Steak & Mushroom Pie Braised beef, button mushrooms, carrots, potato, celery and onion simmered in Guinness Stout and crowned with a fresh baked golden puff pastry cap, served with fresh vegetables $14.95
  • The Doc’s Poutine Hand cut fries topped with mozzarella, chopped Irish rasher (bacon) and Gaelic peppercorn gravy sprinkled with green onions $8.95

I had the Steak & Mushroom Boxty.  If you are not familiar with a boxty, it is a pancake made with champ (mashed potato with spring onion & butter) and shredded potato,  Mine came with braised beef and button mushrooms with blue cheese dressing for just $13.95.

Not sure what you want to try?  Get the Taste of Ireland sampler for a taste of some of their customer favourites – Shepherd’s pie, Madras chicken curry, and steak & mushroom pie, served with grilled Irish soda bread.  Yes, chicken curry is an Irish favourite!

Mahilligan's Irish Pub Niagara Falls - Fish, Boxty and Pie

Niagara can be so overpriced so it is great to find somewhere we actually like to spend time with good food at decent prices.  You can find Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub at the Best Western Cairn Croft on Lundy’s Lane.

Find out more about Magilligan’s by visiting their website or connecting with them on twitter | facebook | pinterest

Green Nail Polish For St. Patrick’s Day

Green Nail Polish For St Patrick's Day

Green nail polishes can be hard to wear, especially for St. Patrick’s Day when it is a little too early for the brighter summer greens.


My top pick (and the one I am wearing this year) is Zoya Pixie Dust in Chita, a forest green with a hint of gold and signature pixie dust sparkle.  If you don’t like to wear darker polishes which show wear more easily, check out the beautiful Vespa, mint kiss with a sugared sparkle.  The sparkle in Pixie Dust polishes give helps the green pop and not seem quite so dark.

If you are not a fan of texture, check out Edyta which is much darker than Chita, but has gorgeous gold shimmer that makes you think of Ireland.  Edyta by Zoya can be best described as a complex mixture of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish. A dark shade balanced with sparkle for a dramatic look.

Zoya Meg Green Nail Polish

If you do like to go lighter without the texture, check out Zoya Meg.  meg can be best described as a light yellow-toned mermaid green with heavy gold and silver metallic shimmer and a sparkling foil finish. A light and fresh looking green with added sparkle and shine.


Love OPI polishes?  Check out My Gecko Does Tricks from the newest OPI collection – a shimmery pearl finish green.   Or go for some texture with one of my favourites from an old Muppets collection if you can find it, OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air – a nice green with silver hex glitter.

China Glaze Green Nail Polish Running in Circles

China Glaze has a surprisingly large selection of green nail polishes but my St Patrick’s Day choice would have to go to Running in Circles.  It reminds me of Zoya Ivanka but with a bit more oompf.


Love Essie?  Try Going Incognito (your identity may be secret, but your manicured style and panache are impossible to conceal with this deep emerald green nail lacquer) or go light with Navigate Her (beautiful. ambitious. driven. blaze a trail to fashion glory in this light bright green nail color that never steers you wrong).

Looking for something cheaper because you likely won’t wear it often?  These are easier to find in drug stores if you want to pick one up tomorrow for a St. Patrick’s night out.


  • Ivy League by Sally Hansen
  • Tantalize by Revlon (with built in base/top coat)
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Seanic
  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple
  • Covergirl XL Plump It Pear
  • New York Colour High Line Green

Most of the higher end polishes will be available from Nail Polish Canada while the drug store brands can be found at most stores or well.ca


A Trip Down Tim Hortons Memory Lane

Tim Hortons Museum Memory Lane

I love Tim Hortons but having moved to Canada as an adult, I don’t have a long term reference for Timmies.  Today while shopping in Hamilton, we drove by the original Tim Hortons which they recently turned into a museum and decided to check it out.


As a frugalista, I remember a few Tim Hortons price increases, each one with a promise to spend less money there that never happens.  The Tim Hortons museum has an original counter with prices.  I have a receipt from Tim Hortons in my scrapbook from 2003, probably one of my first trips there and our drinks were $1.07 plus tax for a medium (and to confuse things even more, a medium is now a small).    Back in 1964 when the first Tim Hortons opened, a medium coffee was $0.45 (and there was no price difference in the cup sizes for tea) so for those who think Timmies is getting expensive, inflation would make that medium cup over $3 now!

Tim Hortons Museum 60s Counter - Cakes & Pastries

Remember the come-back contest to bring back an old Tim Horton’s favourite?  The Tim Hortons museum has some of the old ones on display, but sadly not for sale.  Notice there are no cookies?  Tim Hortons started selling them in 1984 after croissants, who would have thought that croissants came before cookies?


Some items from 1960s Tim Hortons stores including mugs, uniforms and a Timbit cutter

Tim Hortons 1960s Items

1960s Tim Hortons

While things had changed by the 1990s, Tim Hortons has modernized a lot since.  Check out these old gift certificates and the introduction of the iced capp in 1999.

Tim Hortons Gift Certificates 1990s

The 1990s also saw the introduction of bagels at Tim Hortons.  In 1996 when they were introduced, you could get a bagel with butter and a coffee for just $1.49 or $1.99 with cream cheese.  They did not have the huge selection of specialty bagels they sell now though, to think, I used to love a whole wheat, now I sulk if they don’t have sundried tomato bagels.


They also showed the uniforms throughout the years, I don’t think their current uniforms are all that comfy or nice looking personally but they are a definite improvement on the older ones.  I do like the future of Tim Hortons uniform, although it looks like some Target employees would be right at home in current uniforms.

Tim Hortons Memory Lane - Uniforms 1960s to Now

We took a stroll down Roll Up The Rim Memory Lane and I won on my steeped tea too.  Why does it say coffee or dark roast when you can choose any regular hot drink anyway?

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 1990s

I kinda like the 1991 cup with the stars!  I remember these cups though:

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 2007-2009

What is the lowest price you remember paying for Tim Hortons?  What is the biggest Roll Up The Rim win you have rolled?

Zoya Naturel Satin Swatches: Rowan, Sage & Tove

zoya natural satins- swatches and review

As most of you will know, Zoya is one of my favourite brands of nail polish, they rarely disappoint.  The Zoya Naturel Satins collection is a transitional collection that is meant to ease you from Winter shades to brighter Spring shades and has some great nude colours.

Zoya Satins are “low-sheen”, not quite matte but not the usual shiny finish of Zoya polishes.  Due to the finish, you are not supposed to use a top coat with them, which reduces the amount of time you can wear them before they chip.

The formula is not as great as Zoya’s regular polishes, it as best with two thicker coats and lots of drying time.  The colours are great nudes/neutrals.  I bought Rowan, Sage and Tove as Ana and Brittany are not really me and my local salon had already sold out of Leah.

Zoya Rowan Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Rowan: Creamy suede taupe

Rowan is a beautiful nude and does seem more matte than Sage and Tove although lighter than shown in the advertising for the collection.  The formula was bumpier and streakier than the others but the colour is gorgeous once you get the application right.

You can see from the image that it gets more matte/low sheen over time.  The index finger had a fresh coat and still looks shiny in the image while the ring finger had been drying for 15 minutes.

Without a top coat, it chipped within a day so I cheated, and used top coat because I love the colour.  It is a great nude with top coat.  Maybe they will come out with a satin topcoat that can be used with the Naturel Satins collection.

Zoya Sage Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Sage: Mossy sage green

Sage is also lighter than advertised, but less so than Rowan.  The formula is also better than Rowan, no steaks and two regular coats was fine for full opacity.

Sage also seems a bit shinier than Rowan, which I actually prefer as it seems a little more durable.  The low sheen finish of Rowan showed dents very easily.

Green polishes are generally my favourites, so I knew I would love sage.  I wore it for 2 days before tip-wear with Zoya Pixie Dust in Vespa as an accent nail.

Zoya Tove Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Tove: Misty slate grey

Tove is a beautiful grey and the low sheen satin finish seems to really suit it, but it is less blue than it appears in the advertising.

I have a love/hate relationship with the formula.  It is not bumpy or streaky like Rowan but shows the ridges in my hails more easily.  I had to use two layers of base coat to even out my nail completely to make it wearable.

That being said, I love grey polishes and I can see myself wearing Tove regularly.  It is a great work colour and the most durable of the three Zoya Satin polishes I tried.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


I really don’t know how I lived before I discovered dry shampoos and Batiste has long been one of my favourites.

I have really thick hair that tends towards frizzy and keep it fairly long, so washing my hair takes forever.  Drying is a minimum of twenty minutes to make sure it is completely dry to ward off the afternoon frizz and then another 20 minutes straightening – an hour minimum by the time I wash it and dry off to start working on my hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo lets me go that extra day between washes when my hair is looking a little funky but not bad enough that I want to waste time washing. Those two extra hours a week can be a lifesaver when you are busy.  Not familiar with dry shampoos?  They usually come in spray or powder form, to soak up excess oil without rinsing and leave your hair smelling fresh and are great for giving your hair a little volume without layering on more sticky product.

Batiste comes in several scents.  I was sent the original one to try out, something I have bought many times before.  If you have very dark hair like mine, I recommend finding the one meant for dark hair.  It is basically a spray on powder.  You spray it on and brush it out, taking the oil from you hair with it.  However, I find the original can leave some white residue visible on my hair – exactly why Batiste made the dark one (the dark one is coloured, don’t spray/brush while wearing white clothing!).  For lighter hair, you can probably skip the gold ones and just use the original as it is not that noticeable.

It also gives your hair a little texture and volume on a day when your hair would likely be weighed down by the oil produced, helping your hair look washed but manageable and easier to style.

Buy Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste comes in travel size 50ml bottles in select varieties – original is available at most retailers for around $5

The larger sizes and coloured varieties are harder to find.  I get mine from Nail Polish Canada or well.ca.  They cost $10 or less for a 200ml bottle. Walmart carries select original scents in 200ml sizes for $8.57 but no coloured varieties.