The ABCs of Zoya Nail Polish

ABCs of Zoya

When I started the Alphabet of Nails, a few people mentioned that some letters would be hard to find.  Now, not all of us will have every polish from a company – I certainly don’t but I was interested to see if it was possible within a single brand. So today, I have the ABCs of Zoya for you!  Sadly, there is no alphabetical list of all Zoya polishes.  You can view their current ones, but not the numerous discontinued[Read more]

Essie Silk Watercolor Water Marble Nail Art

essie watercolor watermarble swatches

I hate watermarbling, hate it.  I love the look but the time it takes, the polishes that do not spread, the unknown look you will get if you dunk your finger at a slightly different angle.  But I was inspired by Simply Nailogical’s video.  She knows that watermarbles are a pain and often don’t work but her boyfriend, he is a water marble warlock and way better than her (and me for that matter).  Plus he watermarbles with beer! Go[Read more]

Steel City Reflections – Bits of Tim Swatches

Steel City Reflections Bits of Tims

Time for week two of the alphabet of nail polish and this week I have Steel City Reflections Bits of Tim.  This polish is inspired by Hamilton’s own Tim Horton’s! It is a coffee brown jelly with square, red matte glitters.  Personally, I find the jelly in it a little hard to work with since the glitter is quite chunky and my nails are curved.  I added a base coat of Essie Mochacino so I would not need as much[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips + Bonus Nail Art

Davids Tea Read My Lips Close

I love peppermint teas but DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips adds something a little special to the usual peppermint tea.  It is a mix of cute little red lips sugar sprinkles, chocolate, pink peppercorns with peppermint and Chinese black tea. Not your regular mix, the chocolate makes the tea a little fudgy and dark and combined with the lip shaped sprinkles, sweetens the peppermint.  The added Chinese black tea mixed with the peppermint makes it ideal for someone who wants to[Read more]

Steel City Reflections – Sarah Sanderson Swatches

Steel City Reflections Sarah Sanderson Swatch - Bottle Macro

As I mentioned recently, I still had Sarah Sanderson to share with you from the Steel City Reflections Hocus Pocus collection.  While Winifred Sanderson became an instant favourite in the warmer weather when I bought these, this vampy purple holo with red medium and larger glitter was a winter fave.  Like Mary Sanderson, it did not come with a label so I always have to hold them to the light to make  sure I have the right one so note to[Read more]