Canada Day Nails #NOTD

Canada Day Nailart Nail of the Day

Canada Day needs matching nails for the celebrations, so I thought I would give you a look at my Canada Day look.

  • Base: Essie Blanc
  • Accent Nails: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet
  • Nail Decals: Canada Day Maple Leafs from NailFun2U on Etsy

It has been a long week and I do not have the patience to try hand-painting a maple leaf, especially using my left hand to paint a matching leaf on my dominant hand, so I am glad I picked up these Canada Day nailart decals on etsy a while back.  The Canadian Beauty Bloggers will be focusing on Canadian brands in July and I was going to use them in some of those blogs, but they are perfect for today.

Canada Day Nailart Nail of the Day

If you are not familiar with nail decals, you cut them out, staying as close to the design as possible.  Then place them in water until the plastic decal slides off the paper, which takes less than 30 seconds.  You then place on nail and use top coat to seal it in place.  The great thing about waterslide decals is you can move them carefully until you are happy with them.  It is easier to place them in the water since they fold when you remove them, so moving them across the nail before sealing is a great advantage.

These Canada Day nail decals are similar to the full sheet Love Notes I used from Quo by Orly but you cut around the pattern and have to soak the decal before placing on the nail.   The result is that it is harder to get rid of the little air bubbles, as you can see on my thumb.  It is barely noticeable from further away, but if you are a perfectionist, may annoy you a bit.

I think I may buy some waterslide deal paper and try making my own decals, will make for lots of future nailart posts.

HandTreat Mani by Look Beauty Review

HandTreat Mani by Look Beauty Review

Every time I am in Shoppers Drug Mart, I am tempted by Look Beauty’s Masque Bar products.  I have seen many great reviews of their Brightening Sheet Masks but not the hand/nail masks that I am more interested in.  At $10 and with lots of different products at home, I have resisted the urge to try them.  Until I popped into the store near my office and they were putting HandTreat hand masks on the clearance shelf.  I can’t resist a good clearance sale so I had to buy them.

Moisture & Nourishing HandTreat Hand Mask is an intense moisture treatment that restores suppleness to dry, rough, overworked hands. This newly designed “Glove-type” hand mask penetrates quickly & deeply to protect, nourish and moisturize the skin.

The package contains two pairs of HandTreat gloves, containing peach extract, witch hazel and shea butter to leave your hands looking and feeling amazing.  I wash my hands a lot and suffer from dry skin as a result, despite using a lot of moisturizer, so I was really looking forward to trying the hand mask over the MasqueBar products (although I really want the nail ones too).

HandTreat Mani by Look Beauty Review

To use, you simply wash your hands in warm water, open one of the packets of gloves and gently open the glove (they are sealed at the opening to keep all the moisturizing goodness inside) and wear the HandTreat gloves for 20-30 minutes.

HandTreat Mani by Look Beauty Review

As you can see, the gloves are fairly large and not form fitting.  They are damp to wet inside and have a peach scent.  They are not so dry that they dry out before the 30 minutes is up, but not so wet that liquid is running out of the glove either.  The wrist opening is fairly large, so I put hair elastics around to keep them in place.  Since they are a little bulky, you can’t really do much while wearing them, unlocking my phone was an amusing feat.  I held my fingers for a while while wearing them to get max contact since they are not form-fitting.

After wearing the HandTreat hand mask gloves for 30 minutes, my skin feels so much better and somehow brighter too.

On my list of Look Beauty’s products to try are:

  • NailTreat MANI: Moisture & Nourish Fingernail Mask – moisturizes, strengthens, protects. Parrafin wax, milk protein, coconut extract, and argania extract softens and moisturizers rough hands and brittle nails
  • FootTreat PEDI: Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask – smoothes, softens, repairs. Sock masks made with shea butter, apple extract, and peppermint
  • MasqueBar: Pore Refining Creme Mask – exfoliates, smoothes, moisturizes. Made with Coenzyme Q-10 and anti-oxidants
  • EyeRepair SPA: Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches – brightens, nourishes, repairs. Formulated with sunflower seed oil, and vitamins As and Es to make the under eye appear lighter, firmer, and softer

Buy Look Beauty HandTreat or Masque Bar products:

HandTreat and other Look Beauty products are sold at Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.99 each packet.  While the MasqueBar products contain only one face mask, HandTreat includes two while NailTreat has four treatments.

Five To Finish By Fall

Five To Finish By Fall Face Edition

Like many of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network, I have lots of products I have opened or used a few times sitting on my vanity or hidden in the bottom of my beauty organizer.   So we are joining together to finish five products by fall and cut down on the products taking up space. So here are my five products to use by fall.

Five to Finish By Fall Guidelines

  • 1. Pick 5 items (extras are okay) that you want to try to use up
  • 2. You have until the first day of fall- September 23, 2015 to make as much progress as you can
  • 3. Make an update post about halfway through (optional) and a final reveal on September 23!
  • 4. I’ll be using #cbbfinish5 to track my progress, and I’d love for you to use the same!
  • 5. Good luck and have fun! Hope you’ll rediscover favourites or just clean out some space in your collection ;)

Revlon Peach Me Lipstick

I tend to fall back on nude lipsticks and was talked into buying some brighter colours during the CBB’s Orange themed twitter party.  While I don’t think I have ever used a whole lipstick and don’t think I will wear peach every day,  choosing it will help me remember to use up some of those brighter colours before fall.

Bourjois Special Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I have mentioned this before.  I am terrible about removing my makeup and sometimes (often) go for a 3 in 1 cleansing/makeup remover cloth and no rinse.  Since I am making an effort to sort out my lashes and using more waterproof mascara due to the humid weather, I want to use up my makeup removers in an attempt to properly remove makeup.  Hopefully by using it until fall, I will get into the habit and keep it going!

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser

While I am not the hugest fan of the applicator, it comes in useful for touchups since I don’t need a brush/sponge too.  This one was a little dark for me when I bought it, but now the weather is nicer and I have lost my winter ghost like appearance, it is perfect and needs to be used before my skin starts paling again in the fall.

NYC Matching Luminizer

I am not sure why I don’t use this more often, it suits my skin and gives a nice glow without shimmer and at a great price.  Summer is the perfect time to use it up when you want that luminized skin without a pile of product.

Zakia’s Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder

I have a face mask addiction and have quite a few (10 different kinds or so) to use up.  So really, this is a reminder to use them all up, but also that I do not need to buy any mud type masks until I use up my Zakia’s clay powder up.  It really works for my skin and you can make as much or as little mud mask as needed.

So that is my list, hopefully I can use up more than five products by fall!  Check back with us to see how we do and for a list of other bloggers taking part in the five by fall challenge.

Other Five to Finish By Fall posts

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Nail Polishes Review & Swatches: Mint, Sky & Claws Up

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Nail Polish Sky Mint Claws Up

I can still remember wanting a bottle of Hard Candy Sky back in the 90s.  That iconic blue polish worn by Alicia Silverstone was hard enough to find on this side of the pond without finding it in the UK and Hard Candy was more of an indie brand back then, certainly not found in Walmart stores.  A relative in the US sent me a bottle and I pretty much stalked the “postman” (we don’t call it mail in the UK) daily until that pretty bottle and jelly ring arrived.  So you can imagine how happy I am to see them back!

Even better, the Hard Candy 20th Anniversary collection brought back the old style bottles too.  Using them now, I actually prefer them to the tube style bottle of nail polish they now release.  I picked up Sky and Mint (both throwback shades) and Claws Up because well Claws.

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Nail Polish Sky Swatch & Review

Since Hard Candy Sky is the one that started it all, I will be begin with it.  This pretty sky blue has a great formula compared to the others and was almost opaque in one thick coat but needed a second to look great.  It has a slight shimmer to it that helps the pastel not look chalky.  Maybe it is all in my head, but I remember the original being more shimmery.  The current Hard Candy Sky, however, is a more grown up version than I remember, great because it is one polish I will likely wear until the bottle is empty.

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Nail Polish Mint Swatch & Review

Like Sky, Hard Candy Mint has some of the gentle shimmer that I mentioned but is a little chalkier than Sky and the formula is not quite as great.  It still applies well and is opaque in two coats.  It has an almost satin finish, not as shiny as many polishes but not matte either.  Probably a good thing since you don’t cry over lost shine in a day.  Mint chipped a bit quicker than Sky but in all fairness, I was harder on my nails that day.

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Nail Polish Claws Up Swatch & Review

Hard Candy Claws Up is shinier than the throwback shades of Mint and Sky and a nice neutral but I had some formula issues with it.  It was patchy and had some air bubbles despite not shaking the bottle etc.  You can see a little dent from one on my ring finger near the nail line.  It evened out ok after three coats and top coat, but there are definitely better formulas out there.  It is also not as opaque as the throwback shades.  I need a neutral for work though so am glad to have found something I like the colour of and doesn’t make me look too lobster pink/red.

The 20th anniversary collection is available at Walmart for a limited time.  I may go pick up another bottle of Sky to hide away before they disappear.  At only $3.98 each, who can say no to memories of the 90s?

Help Women Beat The Cancer Blues With #WinkDay

WinkDay Selfies To Help Women Beat The Cancer Blues

If you have someone in your life who has gone through cancer, you know that the emotional toll can be as hard on them as the physical toll from illness and treatment.  #WinkDay is a promotion by Beauty Gives Back, the charitable arm of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation to treat the emotional fallout from cancer by helping women feel better about themselves.

Today, June 18th, wear blue eyeliner/eye shadow to colour your eyes blue in support of women going through the emotional trauma of the cancer blues.  If you share a selfie tagged with #winkday, Beauty Gives Back will donate another $5 towards Look Good Feel Better and other programs to help women suffering through cancer.

Look Good Feel Better holds two hour workshops to help women take control of how they look and feel during cancer treatments.  Living fairly close to the Juravinski Cancer Care Centre, Look Good Feel Better are fairly active and well known in my community.  They were recently featured on the local news.  While I knew they helped women with skincare, wig styling and makeup tips, I was surprised by some of the ways women had been helped.  Some said that just being somewhere with women going through the same thing helped them open up about the emotional trauma. They had things they did not want to bother their busy doctors with and could not talk to their families about as they were trying to remain brave.  They found friends, support and people who understood them at the sessions.  Plus, they get makeup tips and more.  Who doesn’t want to play with makeup (or is that just me?)

Just some of the things they cover during a two hour free Look Good Feel Better workshop:

  • Skincare: keeping your skin healthy during treatment including sun protection and how to deal with changes in your skin as a result of treatment
  • Makeup: Evening out complexion, hiding paleness, redefining your eyes when you lose your eyebrows/lashes
  • Hygiene: When to throw out makeup that could have bacteria that causes illness with your weakened immune system, extra precautions to keep infections at bay during nail treatments etc
  • Hair loss: preparing for hair loss, selecting and styling wigs, scarf tips and choosing hats

So go put on some blue makeup (it doesn’t have to be 80s type blue) and share a #winkday selfie to help a great cause!  I can’t wait to see your blue makeup looks.

If you support the work of Beauty Gives Back, choose cosmetics from member companies!  You can see a list of members of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association here.  Some are the owner company rather than the brand name, so you may have to do some digging.

Essence 3D Blue Makeup for #WinkDay

I am wearing Essence’s blue 3D eyeshadow, using the darker blue as an eyeliner and blended out to the lighter blue.  Essence is listed under their parent company, CosNova on the list, so while my selfie helped raise money, Essence’s membership does too!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths Review & Giveaway

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths Review & Giveaway

I am super lazy about taking off my makeup, cleansing cloths are my best friend.  I often remember my makeup just as I am getting into bed so keep makeup removing cleansing cloths beside the bed so that I don’t sleep in my makeup.  I love Cetaphil’s cleanser so when they offered me the opportunity to try out their Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths, I jumped at the chance.

I have gone through a fair number of brands of cleansing wipes, since I use them a lot, every time I see ones I haven’t tried, I want them.  So I have tried quite a few to compare to Cetaphil’s Cleansing Cloths.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

They remove dirt, surface oils and makeup without drying or irritating your skin.  They leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without disturbing skin’s natural pH balance

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths are great for on the go use (or in my case, lazy girl use).  Stick a pack in your gym bag to freshen up.  These ultra soft cleansing cloths are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin (I have a friend who has super sensitive skin who swears by everything Cetaphil so I believe them on this one).  They remove dirt, makeup and oils and since they have no soap, no rinsing is required.  A lazy girl’s dream!  For those with sensitive skin, they are dermatologist recommended and opthalmologist tested, so will likely be ok on most sensitive skin types.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths

Cetaphil cleansing cloths are fairly long but not very wide.  They have a quilted texture and feel moist but not wet, so make sure you keep them well sealed or they will likely dry out quickly.  To give you an idea of the size, I laid one over the package, it is a little longer and wider than the packaging of the 25 pack.  While some cleansing cloths are fairly large and folded, these are folded in three and rely on the strength of the quilted cleansing cloth to last a full makeup removal.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths Size of Wipes

I had high hopes for Cetaphil’s wipes since I love their cleanser, and they did not disappoint.  They removed my makeup well, I didn’t have much eye makeup on as it was fairly humid today and I was only out to pick up some mail.  It removed my eyeliner without hard scrubbing, but I did have to rub a little harder to remove my eyeliner, but not scrub as hard as with some wipes.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths Removes Makeup

As you can see, it was more than big enough to remove my makeup with white areas left around the edges, so even full makeup would be fine with one cloth.   For the sake of a review, I didn’t apply any moisturizer after using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths.  My skin felt soft and clean and not as tight as other cleansing cloths have left it feeling.  They did not sting my eyes and I didn’t have to rub hard enough to pull any eyelashes out (yes, I have done this before).  Considering the layers of product I was wearing, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation, liquid bronzer plus powder and blush, I am surprised my skin feels so clean and fresh so easily.

Obviously washing your face properly is optimal, but for on the go use (these are totally coming to Niagara Falls with me this summer) or lazy girl use, Cetaphil’s cleansing cloths are great.

Buy Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Cetaphil’s cleansing cloths are available in packs of 10 or 25 cloths.  You can buy them online at, healthsnap, or online/in-store at London Drugs or Walmart.  They are also available in-store at many beauty/drug stores.  Click here to find a list of stores near you.  To give you an idea of pricing, Walmart charges $3.97 for the 10-pack and $9.97 for the 25-pack and you can get a $3 coupon here for the 25-pack.

Win Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

You can win a pack of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths plus a $3 coupon (10 winners)

Disclosure: I received a pack of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths free of charge for testing purposes.

Ipsy June 2015 Unboxing

Ipsy Subscription Box  June 2015 Unboxing

This is my first ipsy box.  Compared to some other subscription boxes, ipsy has some great products but I hate how they are all over your social media accounts.  When I first signed up, I was wait-listed.  Share ipsy with five friends and get this month’s box, except I shared and still had to wait a month.  Compared to my recent Birchbox subscription where my first box was sent within days, it put me off ipsy a little.

Then they emailed me to say my box was on the way, and once again, you have to share on social media to find out what is in your box.  Yes, you could just wait and see, but a page full of ipsy shares doesn’t necessarily make me want to buy into a brand where you can tell it is forced shares.  On to the unboxing:

Ipsy June 2015: Swim Into Beauty

Ipsy Subscription Box  June 2015 Unboxing

This month’s theme is swim into beauty

Salt in the air, sand in our hair.  Cue the lifeguards because summer will be five times the fun when you dive into these beauty must-haves for June.

The ipsy June bag is a soft black bag with bright pink zip top and raised ipsy print.  Nothing special about it, but a good size and easy to find the neon zipper in my massive purse.

Ipsy June 2015 Formula X Power Source Nail Polish

First up in my ipsy June box is Formula X nail colour in Power Source.  While I do not have any Formula X in my collection and was happy to get a mini to try, I was surprised to see they sent Power Source.  Formula X makes it easy to choose colours for your skin tone with “The Match” system – four colours picked for each skin tone, and Power Source is a feature colour in the medium to deep skin tone set.

Ipsy June 2015 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Next up in my Ipsy June box is Smashbox Photo Finish primer.  Many of you will know that I love Smashbox primers, especially Photo Finish original so while it is great to have a mini to stick in my makeup bag for travel rather than carrying the full size, it was not something new to try.  For those who got it and have not tried Smashbox, you may find yourself addicted to the finish and how well it smoothes and fills lines!

Ipsy June 2015 Lavanila Body Butter

The third item in my ipsy June box is Lavanila’s The Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla.  I had never heard of Lavanila before but they seem to make some interesting products.  The full size of this body butter is $19 US when bought directly from Lavanila.

If you’re looking for instant hydration, this is it. This velvety smooth, all-natural body butter absorbs instantly for deeply hydrated, luxuriously soft skin. 100% pure Shea & Cocoa Butters blend with powerful antioxidants and essential oils for long-lasting hydration. Completely non-greasy, prepare for the ultimate indulgence.  About the scent: A grown up expression of vanilla. Its sensual blend of fresh Madagascar vanilla and tonka bean will leave your skin softly scented.  No paraben, silicone, mineral oils or harsh chemicals.

It is a good body butter, but I wouldn’t say amazing. It is not widely available in Canada so while I will happily use up my ipsy sample, I probably won’t buy again unless I see it on sale.

Next up in my ipsy June bag, two eye products.

Ipsy June 2015 OFRA Cosmetics Turquoise Eyeliner

First up is OFRA Cosmetics Turquoise Eyeliner.  Since ipsy has this listed as Turquoise and not a list of colours, I assume everyone who received it got the same colour.  Personally, I would play it safer if sending one colour to everyone as many of the reviews so far on the ipsy June bag say they would never wear this colour.

This Turquoise Eyeliner is a gorgeous color that applies smoothly and lingers with a velvety finish. Not only is this pencil perfect in complimenting your eye makeup, it can also be used as a bold lip liner. The creativity is completely in your hands!

ipsy June 2015 tre'StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon in Kona Coffee

Finally, tre’StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon in Kona Coffee.  Like many, I was confused by the lid on this one.  It looks like the crayon came without a lid.  Opening it, I wished it was more like the lid.  The crayon is very rounded so while you can use it for all over colour, it isn’t great for a line of colour.

This amazing 12 hour eye shadow has customizable color that you can build from a subtle wash to intense vibrancy. It’s also super blendable with a crease free, smooth finish.  Colours can be layered over a lighter shade for a softer look or layered under a darker shade for a more dramatic eye. Customize, blend and build as you wish.  This product is free of d5, parabens, talc, synthetic fragrances, petro chemicals and also cruelty free.

Overall, I am fairly happy with my ipsy June 2015 bag.  They chose products I would like, even if they were a little off on the colours.  Not an ipsy member and want to be?  Sign up here.

OPI Infinite Shine Strong Coalition Swatches & Review

OPI Infinite Shine Strong Coalition Swatch & Review

I went for a manicure with a friend recently.  I like to try polishes I don’t have access to when I have a manicure so went for the OPI Infinite Shine system in Strong Coal-ition.

Introducing the next revolution in nail lacquer. Imagine color that requires no touch ups all week. Fall in love with intense, gel-like shine that lasts until you take it off.  The Infinite Shine system is available now at professional salons.

As you can see on my baby finger, there seems to be an issue with the OPI Infinite Shine top coat separating the colour coat.  They use the same push pull method for polish I use at home s I would get the same problem if I tried it myself.  So for the remaining fingers, she just did regular coats, but the edges look a little ragged as a result.

That being said, the colour is nice, no streaking even on the first coat.  OPI Infinite Shine dried well (about 8 mins per thick coat to fully dry) and was super shiny.

OPI Infinite Shine Day 3 Wear

OPI Infinite Shine Strong Coalition Swatch & Review Day 3
By day three of wearing the Infinite Shine system , I realized it would not live up to the promise of a week of shine with no touchups.  There was some tipwear but not enough to worry most people.  Probably barely noticeable with a lighter colour.  In the brighter light, you can see that the separation between the OPI Infinite Shine colour and top coats is less obvious to the naked eye, but still noticeable.

OPI Infinite Shine Strong Coalition Swatch & Review Day 3

However, the shine was gone.  To be fair, I am pretty hard on my nails and three days is about all I would usually wear a colour for before getting bored of it and changing it up anyway.  But I was disappointed that the Infinite Shine didn’t last more than a few days.

OPI Infinite Shine Day 5 Wear

OPI Infinite Shine Strong Coalition Swatch & Review Day 5

It quickly went downhill from there with a large chip on my index finger (I promise,  I was trying to be gentle to give the OPI Infinite Shine system a chance) and enough tip wear that I took it off before going to work.  It had scuffed a little which is obviously my fault, but it wasn’t shiny as promised either.

OPI Infinite Shine is only available in basic colours and probably would last a week if you are very gentle on your nails but the limited colours and fact it doesn’t last as long as it should means I would likely stick to a soak off gel for week long wear.  In all fairness to the OPI Infinite Shine System, I am yet to find a non-cured week long wear polish that lives up to the promise.  Five days without major issues is also pretty good for me.  A regular OPI polish is usually removed after 2 days due to wear.

Isa Professional Xanadu 24K Gold Serum Review

Isa Professional Xanadu 24k Gold Serum Review

Gold is huge in beauty products right now, from nail products like Sally Hansen’s 18K Gold Cuticle Remover to hair care, skin care and more.  The idea of using gold for skincare is nothing new, the ancient Greeks used gold knowing that it can help improve the elasticity of skin, moisturize and tone, but we don’t all have Cleopatra type resources so many gold products are fairly high end.  So when Isa Professional offered me the chance to try out their Xanadu 24K gold serum, I jumped at the chance.  At $69.99 a bottle, it has amazing reviews but the frugalista in me doesn’t like to pay for expensive things without giving them a good test run first.

Xanadu 24K Gold Serum

Ingredients: 24K Gold, Deionized water, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Rose Extract, Hyaluronic acid, Creatine, Beta-Glucan, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Matrixyl-3000), Epidermal Growth Factor, P-anisic.

  • Vitamin C – pH balanced and highly absorbable.  Helps brighten skin, combat wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Rose Extract soothes the skin and gives the Xanadu serum a delightful natural scent.
  • Hyaluronic Acid captures and holds up to 1000 times its volume in moisture to your skin.
  • Collagen to support your skin’s own collagen while Creatine supplies energy to your cells and Beta-Glucan boosts the immune system.
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Matrixyl-3000) is a peptide that specifically stimulates collagen synthesis and skin repair.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor stimulates new cell growth.

Formulated with botanical ingredients, high tech science, and actual 24K gold, this serum will moisturize your skin, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone, repair sun damage, and will give you a golden youthful glow.

Isa Professional Xanadu 24k Gold Serum Review

Xanadu Serum has a pump bottle, dispensing the perfect amount of serum and gold.  You can rub it right onto your skin but you will have some gold flakes showing.  They are small and almost matte so tasteful but probably not what you want going into a business meeting so it is best to pump onto your hand and rub your palms together before applying.  This way you get a nice glow from the dissolving gold but no large flakes.  For a night out, go for gold (literally) and apply right to your face.

Isa Professional Xanadu 24k Gold Serum Review

A new medication I have been taking caused really dry skin, especially on my cheeks.  I had noticed a lot of texture there and noticeable pores.  Since using Xanadu 24K Gold Serum, my skin is smoother and less textured.  The gold when dissolved by rubbing gives a nice glow without looking darker like a bronzer, it just gives a healthy glow.

The serum is a watery gel so the gold is dispensed with every pump and doesn’t sink to the bottom but is easy to apply and absorbs quickly.  Important when you wear makeup and have to wait for layers to dry and still leave the house before 7am.  The minute saved in various dry times can make a huge difference to me actually leaving on time.

I know Rose Extract is good for your skin, but I am personally not a fan of rose scents and it is fairly strong when first applied.  That being said, it is not unpleasant, but if it came in different scents, I would likely choose a different one.  That would be my only complaint about the Xanadu serum though.

Buy Isa Professional Xanadu 24K Gold Serum

  • $69.99 on Amazon (ships from Amazon and includes free shipping because it is over $25)
  • Direct from Isa Professional – currently on sale for $59 and free shipping!  They ship from within Canada so no need to worry about duties at the border or crazy fees from couriers.

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Set

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

I have had my eye on the Quo Give Me Some Lip gloss set for a while, but saw them on clearance for $10 at Shoppers Drug Mart with 20x points on Quo products so just had to have them.  It includes six mini lip glosses from a light pink to a berry shade.

This set of 6 lip glosses is your everyday arsenal for natural yet sumptuous lips. Provides a hint of colour to enhance your natural tone.

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

The glosses do not have names, so it is hard to make sure you are picking up the same colour if you want to buy a full size (if they even have full sizes of all of them).  I really wish that Quo had a dedicated website instead of just whatever products Shoppers Drug Mart choose to feature with no real descriptions.

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Swatches

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

They are all sheer lip glosses but buildable in colour, all swatches are three thin coats.  Since they don’t have names, from left:

  • Berry – this is the darkest of the lip glosses, this has suited most lip sticks I have tried it over and looks great on its own
  • Brown – this is the least sheer of the lip glosses and would look great with a tan.  I usually like brown tones but this doesn’t suit me at all
  • Sun kissed shimmer – one of my favourites from this Quo set of lip glosses, it looks almost nude when sheer but has a slight gold shimmer that looks amazing with a bronzed look
  • Darker pink shimmer – my definite favourite but I lean towards nudes for lip gloss, this also has a slight gold shimmer making it perfect for summer looks
  • Peachy pink – this looked very pink in the bottle but has a slight peach to it, works with my natural lip colour for a neutral look when sheer
  • Pink – I guess you have to have a pink-pink lip gloss in your arsenal but nothing special about this one, the colour reminded me of those cheap pink glosses you get in makeup sets for five year olds to play with.

Quo Give Me Some Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

The two middle ones are definitely my favourites with a slight gold shimmer perfect for summer.   It is hard to tell on the lips, as you can tell from the swatches, but it gives them a more special look.

Get Quo’s Lip Gloss Set

Quo is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.  At $10 plus points back, these were worth it, but I would not pay full price.