Oh Target, I Will Miss You


While I don’t disagree that Target has its problems in Canada, I will really miss it.  I was excited when I heard Target was coming to Canada, I never expected it to be just like the US stores and know that Canadian wages, transportation costs, taxes and other issues mean that few stores will have the same prices as their US counterparts.

When Target announced their preview stores, I trekked out to Milton to check it out.  Yes some of the prices were higher than I would pay, but I am a couponer and price-matcher.  To be fair, it will take a lot to impress me with your stores.  At the time, I didn’t think I would grow to love Target as much as I do.  While I am brand loyal to decent products, I am a fickle shopper.  It doesn’t take much to send me into the arms of another store who has better prices or treats me better – exactly why I kept going back to Target.

They price-matched and they didn’t look at me like I had two heads when I used a coupon, instead they offered me store coupons to stack with them. Their staff said hello, they didn’t tell me “oh yeah we have more in the back, but it is behind some stuff and I can’t be bothered” like the staff member in another big box store.  They didn’t have what I want?  They would call a local store or offer me a similar product at the sale price of the one I wanted.

I grew to love their customer service.  You walk in the store and the Starbucks just calls to you. You get a tea latte and enjoy wandering the aisles for new decor, beauty items or just bargains.  Most stores, I am in and out, I get it over and done with.  Target made me enjoy shopping there (although I do remember thinking they could be too helpful when someone asked if I needed help getting a bag of cat treats off the shelf).

Target is too expensive?  Target have amazing bargains.  Threshold deep pocket ultra soft sheets.  They fit my mattress, they wash well.  They are better than the really expensive sheets I bought after giving up on cheaper ones.  My Nate Berkus comforter is pure love.  It was cheaper than a Threshold one when bought on clearance.  I paid $30 for a Nate Berkus king comforter that is in great shape still – I doubt any other $30 comforter could say the same.

I will miss the huge selection of elf and NYX makeup – so affordable and without the worry of import costs from buying direct.  Oh and the clearance deals in the beauty section.  I thought Target would be around longer, I should have bought more of the 70% off makeup and nail polish.  Some of my best bargains in 2014 came from Target.  My hair dryer and straightener at 70% off – just $18 for the two.  My bottles of Nexxus at $5 for large bottles of shampoo and conditioner in a gift set!  Pots and pans – so many kitchen accessories and all the pretty decor.  The hours I spent walking the aisles looking for those little red stickers.  Oh and anything Threshold – why is it that their store brand can be such good quality.  Sure, it is pricier than Walmart’s own brands but it lasts and generally it is prettier, and pretty is always good right?

Most of the Target locations near me are near Walmart, Canadian Tire and grocery stores so it is hard to know what will replace them, but my shopping habits will not be the same.  I can’t see any of the stores earning back my loyalty enough to make me shop there as much as I have shopped at Target.

Some of the things I think could have helped Target

  • Better stock and a website that lists stock so you don’t have to check all of them to find items in stock.
  • Better information on prices, people seem to think that they are expensive but many items were always cheaper at Target and they had a great price-match policy if they didn’t have it at the best price.
  • Starting out slower, it seems it was too much too soon for them.

Target, sorry it didn’t work out with the others, but I will miss you.

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  1. Great post! I FULLY agree – I LOVED Target! There is one a few minutes away from my home; so I OFTEN popped in there for items (and as Target has a way of doing to you would walk out with 5 more items I didn’t need)… I will truly miss the place! Very very very sad indeed that they didn’t plan better

  2. I feel the same way, particularly about price matching and the friendly staff.

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