How To Feed Cats – The Real Way (Infographic)

How To Feed Cats Infographic

My cats are pretty fussy when it comes to eating and their wet food feeding routine is fairly amusing to my friends

How to feed cats – the real way:

  1. Bear starts whining because it is 5 minutes later than they usually get fed and he is starvvvvviiingggg
  2. Find their bowls which they have likely dragged into other rooms since their last feeding
  3. The others now realize they are getting fed and start meowing, standing on their back paws trying to reach the (still empty) bowls, jumping around and generally being annoying
  4. Try to remember if they had chicken, fish or beef last.  Two of them like some variety and will turn their noses up at their food if they get the same one too often.
  5. Warm water to mix with their food – they prefer it warm, Bear only eats it if it is soupy and it is a good way to get more water into them anyway.
  6. The smell of the food warming from the water has them in hysterics, move them from under your feet so you don’t get tripped, bash your head against the sink counter and go to work with a huge bruise that everyone asks if you “fell down the stairs and need a number for a women’s shelter”.
  7. Serve them the right amount of food, the smallest one eats the most and Bear needs the leftover liquid in his to make it really soupy.
  8. Try and put the bowls down in front of the right cat as they jump up and down to be the first to get fed.
  9. Move them around again as they play musical bowls and Bear gets pushed away from his and left with a non soupy one that he spins across the room spreading food to the far corners of the room as it goes.
  10. Enjoy a few minutes of peace (along with slurping noises) as they all eat from their own bowls.

Are your cats as fussy?

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4 Replies to “How To Feed Cats – The Real Way (Infographic)”

  1. Victoria Ess says: Reply

    LOL! My friend’s cats are so similar to yours!! They must require patience that I don’t have!

  2. Hahah love it 🙂 YOu have to appreciate the diva nature

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Total divas

  3. LOL – DH will love this!

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