February Budget Check-In & Why I Love My Reward Cards

After using a lot of our stockpile in January, it seemed like we had to buy a lot more.  Maybe the sale prices were better but we did really well staying under our $500 budget for shopping/food expenses, including dinner out and cat food/litter with $60 going into our savings! I was also lucky enough to book some travel for someone else who does not use ebates, and agreed that I could use mine since their employer was reimbursing them anyway, so[Read more]

PC Green Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter Review

I love my cats, but I hate (like hate, hate, HATE) cleaning their litter boxes.  The ammonia mixed with clay smell of regular cat litter is just disgusting and they kick it everywhere.  Try walking barefoot to the bathroom over those little stones in the middle of the night! We started to buy World’s Best Cat Litter, healthier for us, healthier for them and a renewable source that doesn’t hurt when you step on it.  When it first came out,[Read more]