China Glaze Crown For Whatever Swatches & Review

China Glaze Crown for Whatever Halloween Happily Never After Swatch

I have a love hate relationship with matte nail polishes.  I love the way they look, especially as matte top coat tends to dull colours a little but without a top coat, they don’t last on my nails.  A lot of it is body chemistry, most polishes don’t last for me so matte is lucky […]

China Glaze Life’s Grimm (Happily Never After – Halloween 2017)

China Glaze Life's Grimm Swatch - Happily Never After Collection

I originally thought that Life’s Grimm from the China Glaze Happily Never After collection for Halloween 2017 was black with gold based on the press images.  But turns out it is a beautiful blackened hunter to dark olive green with green and gold in it.  Out now at Sally’s in Canada, I found a bottle […]

China Glaze Happily Never After (Halloween 2017)

China Glaze Happily Never After Halloween Fall 2017

It is nice to see a Halloween collection that is not the typical black, greys, and oranges!  The China Glaze Happily Never After collection is available in Sally’s now.  If you happen to be visiting the US, it is also in Ulta.  I know I will be visiting Sally’s to pick up Life’s Grimm and […]

Snowy Nails with China Glaze There’s Snow One Like You

Snowy Manicure - Loreal Wispy Clouds 727 and China Glaze Theres Snow One Like You Manicure Swatches

It feels a little strange posting snowy nails when we don’t have any snow, but I love blue and a snowy look is a must in the winter months.  These are both polishes I picked up on clearance over the holidays, so not sure how available they are but love the overall look even if […]

Mani Monday With Workaday Beauty

Hello lovely Tea & Nail Polish readers, Sarah from Workaday Beauty here. Eithne was looking for some guest posters, and we both share a love of nail polish (and tea), so I thought I’d send a simple nail art look to help her out. It’s almost summer lately here in BC, and that has me […]

The ABCs of China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze Alphabetical List of Polishes A-Z

In my quest to find a nail polish brand that could be used for the entire alphabet of nail polish challenge, I have unsuccessfully tried Zoya and Essie.  This week, I am going through the China Glaze collection to see if there are enough polishes named with different letters to do the entire alphabet. At […]

China Glaze Avalanche Swatches + Nail Art

China Glaze Avalanche Nail Polish Bottle and Swatch

I recently read a blog post by Light Your Nails where she is working her way through the alphabet swatching polishes and loved the idea.  I have so many polishes that go unused, I don’t think to use or I wear a lot but for some reason never show on the blog.  So the alphabet […]

China Glaze Elfin Around Gradient Nails

We are moving in a little over six weeks and have been sorting all of our belongings so that we are not moving stuff we don’t move.  It happened when we moved here and some stuff is still in a box in the closet “to do something with”.  My nails, however, are suffering from all […]