China Glaze Elfin Around Gradient Nails

China Glaze Elfin Around Gradient Nails

We are moving in a little over six weeks and have been sorting all of our belongings so that we are not moving stuff we don’t move.  It happened when we moved here and some stuff is still in a box in the closet “to do something with”.  My nails, however, are suffering from all of the boxes, rummaging and more.  I have several cuts on my cuticles and after breaking three nails, filed them all down short.  Apart from my ring finger which suffered a nasty break a while ago, my nails have not been this short in a while so is taking some getting used to!

After a couple of days of bare nails (well almost bare, I tried a strengthener) I had some things to do yesterday so decided on a gradient of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Barely There and China Glaze in Elfin Around.

China Glaze Elfin Around Gradient Nails Closeup

China Glaze Elfin Around is a polish I have had for ages and use quite a lot, yet for some reason, has never been mentioned in a previous post. It is a coral toned red with a nice smooth shimmer that makes it really wearable and not just a Christmas colour.  The shimmer includes some gold glitter which warms up the colour a little and has no texture on the nail.

Sally Hansen Barely There is part of the Diamond Strength line which I thought would be a good idea given the recent breakage.  Shown with just one coat as a base colour and used in the gradient, it is more opaque that I would have guessed, I often use three coats of really pale colours for coverage.  It worked fairly well in the gradient with the mixture of creme and glitter too and looks better than a negative space gradient given the state of my nails!

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  1. Your gradient is so smooth! This colour combination is really pretty.

    1. I was surprised how smooth it was with the mixture of polishes too.

  2. How do you do a gradient nail like this? It’s really gorgeous! 🙂

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