The ABCs of China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze Alphabetical List of Polishes A-Z

China Glaze Alphabetical List of Polishes A-Z

In my quest to find a nail polish brand that could be used for the entire alphabet of nail polish challenge, I have unsuccessfully tried Zoya and Essie.  This week, I am going through the China Glaze collection to see if there are enough polishes named with different letters to do the entire alphabet.

China Glaze Alphabetical AF

  • At Vase Value is a pastel blue creme
  • Be Merry is a red and purple layering glitter with a clear base.
  • Carpe Diem is a matte off-white, perfect for that newspaper type look
  • Dancing & Prancing is a multicolored glitter.
  • Exotic Encounters is a green leaning teal that is almost opaque in just one coat
  • Fairy Dust is a gorgeous fine rainbow holo glitter that can be applied over top of any colored polish to make it sparkle.

China Glaze Alphabetical GL

  • Ghoulish Glow is a glow in the dark top coat, perfect for Halloween
  • Harvest Moon from the Capital Games collection is a rich bronzed copper
  • Instant Chemistry Magnetix is a dark vampy plum-purple with metal particles in it which creates a unique design when the magnet is held over it after application
  • Japanese Koi is a neon tangerine shade, bright and summery!
  • Kiss My Glass is a gunmetal dark silver blue with a shimmer
  • Light as a Feather is a clear base with white, yellow, orange, and black bar glitter

China Glaze Alphabetical List MN

  • Metro Pollen-tin is a pastel orange-ish yellow creme
  • No Peeking is a dark metallic purple

China Glaze Alphabetical OT

  • OMG UFO is a yellow-green holographic polish with China Glaze hardeners for long wear
  • Party Fowl is a feather effect polish with orange, black, and blue bar glitter in a clear base
  • Queen B is a purple leaning blue creme.
  • Ruby Pumps is a jelly red with bright red sparkles underneath that shine through the base and a China Glaze best-seller
  • Scattered and Tattered is a mix of various red and black glitter to be used as a textured effect coat
  • Tarty For the Party is a beautiful blue leaning lilac purple creme polish

China Glaze Alphabetical UZ

  • Unrefined is a medium pink textured polish with a sand finish
  • Violet Vibes is a bold purple crème
  • What’s She Dune? is a neutral beige crème
  • X-Ta-Sea is a purple crème polish
  • You Present Required is a multi-shaped, blue, pink and multi-colored layering glitter
  • Zombie Zest (discontinued) is a yellow-green jelly with gold-green shimmer

Finally! A brand that you can use to do he whole alphabet of nails challenge!  Most of these polishes are available at Nail Polish Canada for around $8.25 regular price with regular sales on select shades.  Zombie Zest is older and harder to find, so you may see some more of these ABCs of nails to find a list of polishes that are still available.

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  1. Oh yay another one of these! I love your posts! I have a quite a lot of China Glaze but I don’t think I could make it through the alphabet with just one brand.

  2. I actually think I own each of these shades lol – my China Glaze collection is pretty large

  3. I don’t own many China Glaze polishes. They definitely have a lot of pretties.

  4. That’s awesome!!! I think at one point I could have done the alphabet challenge with all my juleps before I sold them

    1. I never really got into Juleps, the few I tried were quite sheer and needed multiple coats and I decided to just spend the cash on polishes I really wanted

  5. What a fun post! I only have 2 China Glazes unfortunately 😛

  6. Such a fun post! I have maybe one or two of these… Kinda think I need the rest of them as well! 😉

  7. There are a few I like but not sure if I would wear any? The Japanese Koi is kinda my shade but I think it would be too bright for me.

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