Kringl: Santa Really Visits Your Home

I don’t have kids, but this is too cute not to share.  If you have doubters in your family or young children who would love to see Santa visit their own home, check out the Kringl App. You can choose from a range of Kringl scenes, including Santa enjoying your cookies & milk, searching for your […]

In A Word…

Copied from In My 30s And It’s Time, who got it from How To Survive Life In The Suburbs The One Word Challenge! Here are the rules: Don’t over think, just copy and paste and fill in your own answers.  Over sharing is completely optional and absolutely encouraged. Remember: USE ONLY ONE WORD! 1. Where is your […]

Dealing With Noisy Neighbours

I mentioned my noisy neighbours in my Getting Back on Track post. Who thinks 3am is an acceptable time to put up a flood light and work on your truck?  The same person who thinks his rock band can play at 11pm on a work night and their dog can run around barking all night. […]

Getting Back on Track

As you can tell by the lack of posts, I haven’t devoted much time to my blog recently, or anything else really.  A stressful situation at work has meant a change in hours, new neighbours at home who are noisy means I don’t get much downtime at home either.   I have been feeling run down, […]

CH-CHING: Get Rewarded For Watching TV

Hamilton’s news station, CHCH TV is celebrating 60 years on air this month and to thank their loyal viewers, CHCH is introducing CH-CHing! – the country’s first ever broadcast TV loyalty program. CH-CHing! is FREE! Just register at, and earn points to redeem for rewards such as gift cards, discounts, special offers, experiences and various goods from CHCH […]

Happy First Birthday Izzy

Today’s Wordless Wednesday’s post was an easy choice because Izzy, our youngest cat, turns one tomorrow.  Izzy was a birthday present from my partner last year, on the Friday after my birthday, he took me to the foster home to pick between two litters of three kittens.  He had told them I would likely go […]

Dear Spammer – Your Spam Is Useless

Dear Spammer, There is something I will never understand about your spam, it just gets deleted, so what is the point?  I am sure some bloggers are not as proactive in cleaning spam, but the ranking on their spam filled site means they are not helping you.  Most people recognize spam and don’t click it, […]