Dealing With Noisy Neighbours


I mentioned my noisy neighbours in my Getting Back on Track post.

Who thinks 3am is an acceptable time to put up a flood light and work on your truck?  The same person who thinks his rock band can play at 11pm on a work night and their dog can run around barking all night.  After three months of them living here, the street has changed.  People are tired, irritable and just fed up.  No more chatting as we get home from work, no more people offering to shovel snow or blow leaves, we all just want some sleep and for our noisy neighbours to move.

Bylaw do not come out to complaints of noisy neighbours in our city, you have to call the police, something that none of us has wanted to do.  The police are busy and have better things to do than tell someone to have some common sense and not make noise when people are sleeping.  Asking him to make his noise in the day time has not worked, he doesn’t even apologize and pretend he cares.  The woman just shrugs and says it is not her if you speak to her too.  About two weeks ago, the street was awoken by a loud crash at 3:30am.  The people directly them opposite have young children, the rest of us all leave for work before 7am and since lights stayed on in all houses – none of us got back to sleep that night.   Since then, people have just started to call the police about them.

First it was a warning, he waited until they left and carried on playing the drums!  The police were called again, but he stopped by the time they got here.  Then it was a fine, which we all heard his partner shouting about when she got home later that night because he never bothered to answer the door to them so she found the fine on the door.  The most recent time, I can only guess he was very drunk (or maybe worse) because he answered the door and screamed at the police officers.  They left him another fine and came back the next day to speak to them and I think it has finally worked!

It has only been a few days and he did work on his truck starting at 9pm last night but packed it up around 11pm but I think they have finally got the message.  After three nights with a full nights sleep, I feel so much better but I think it will take a while for the sleep to catch up with my body!

Have you ever had to deal with noisy neighbours?  If they start up again, I know many people are thinking of moving as there is little the landlord can do until their one year contract is up.

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