Kringl: Santa Really Visits Your Home


I don’t have kids, but this is too cute not to share.  If you have doubters in your family or young children who would love to see Santa visit their own home, check out the Kringl App.

You can choose from a range of Kringl scenes, including Santa enjoying your cookies & milk, searching for your gift, or checking to see if you’re on his list.  Simply download the app for free on the AppStore or Google Play and pick the scene that best matches up to your room.  You will see Santa’s placement to help you decide where to film your mini video of Santa.  Scale the Santa and accessories to fit your room and watch for the white lines that show you where Santa will walk to make sure he isn’t walking through furniture.   You can even adjust the brightness according to your room.Remember, Santa usually visits at night when the lighting is low so it is a good idea to film it later at night if your phone allows for it.

Watch here to see Kringl in action

I have seen some cute ones filmed while children sleep with the Kringl scene of Santa checking the naughty or nice list – my sister may be using it to help my niece remember to behave now that they are finished school for the holidays.  Once saved, you can share your video with family and friends so they can see Santa in your home too.

Kringl is completely free. Though you’re more than welcome to donate to Make-A-Wish Canada through the app. It’s a great way to help spread a little holiday magic.

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  1. Allison Whitmore says: Reply

    This is SO cute! I wish I could use this app!

  2. My kids are too old but I will tell my brother about it. Sounds fun!

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