A Trip Down Tim Hortons Memory Lane

I love Tim Hortons but having moved to Canada as an adult, I don’t have a long term reference for Timmies.  Today while shopping in Hamilton, we drove by the original Tim Hortons which they recently turned into a museum and decided to check it out. As a frugalista, I remember a few Tim Hortons […]

Oh Target, I Will Miss You

While I don’t disagree that Target has its problems in Canada, I will really miss it.  I was excited when I heard Target was coming to Canada, I never expected it to be just like the US stores and know that Canadian wages, transportation costs, taxes and other issues mean that few stores will have the […]

Learn About Breast Cancer & Breast Health & Get 500 Optimum Points

I have several close family members who have or had breast cancer so am careful about self exams and screening, despite a lower risk at my age. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN have teamed up to share information about breast health and you can earn 500 Optimum points just for […]

Save Time With Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

I hate washing dishes.  Even more, I hate washing pots and pans – including my slow cooker.  While that delicious stew or pot roast tastes delicious, I always get burnt-on food at the top edge.  When we moved, I gave in to a smaller kitchen because we liked the location, but we did not have […]

Goals For Making 2015 My Year

Goals… not resolutions for 2015.  Resolutions seem so final, so “now” and once broken, they are forgotten.  So long term goals for the year is my plan.  I am not setting finite goals that will seem impossible in January, just long term ones to help lead me through 2015. Goal: To Be Happier & Healthier […]

2015 Reading Challenge

One of the things I want to find more time for in 2015 is reading. I love reading but haven’t had the time recently.  Since I am now not taking work home with me, it frees up my commuting time to read.  A friend shared this great PopSugar Reading Challenge on facebook. I want to take […]