Getting Back on Track


As you can tell by the lack of posts, I haven’t devoted much time to my blog recently, or anything else really.  A stressful situation at work has meant a change in hours, new neighbours at home who are noisy means I don’t get much downtime at home either.   I have been feeling run down, tired, irritable and just don’t feel like doing much.  I am not a fan of winter and it will only get worse as the winter blahs take effect when January hits and I am dealing with crappy weather.  So time to get back on track!

Getting Back on Track with my Diet

Long days and a long commute has meant less time to cook.  After 13-14 hours out of the house, we have been ordering way too much takeout/delivery (especially since Swiss Chalet and Dominos keep offering amazing deals that you just think, oh why bother cooking?).  I have packed on the weight I lost last year an you can see the results of a bad diet in my skin and nails.  So time to start meal planning again, and cooking on the weekend to just heat during the week (once I empty my freezer which is pretty full of the food we haven’t cooked while ordering so much takeout).

Getting Back on Track with Beauty/Skincare

Having to leave the house so early, I will admit to a wash and go routine.  I think oh I will do a mask tonight and then I get home late and keep putting it off. My skin is dull, I will admit to going to work with no nail polish or even worse, chipped polish!  My nails are breaking easily and I have even finished my makeup on the train on occasion.   Time to get back on track.  I threw out my out of date makeup, took advantage of a bunch of sales and got new skincare and makeup items (expect upcoming reviews).  I am setting aside time for more than a shower each day.

Getting Back on Track with Prioritizing and Home Life

Things have calmed down a bit at work, after badly spraining my ankle rushing to a meeting, things had to change.  I need to prioritize me, even if that means a change in job (until this year, I loved my job, but that isn’t the case anymore so why stress myself over it?).  I have stuff that needs to be done that I have procrastinated about or just not had the time.  My place and needs to be cleaned, not just tidied, before the Christmas visiting season.  I have a pile of personal things to do, thank you cards, even just catch up with my family by phone rather than whatsapp!

Out home life has also been impacted by new neighbours.  Our once quiet street changed a lot when our next door neighbour rented his place out so he could move closer to work.  The tenants don’t work, they are messy (they currently have bags of garbage piled up in their back yard I can smell if I open the windows and their vehicle leaked something all over the street that they never bothered to clean and has now stained the sidewalk where it leaked from the driveway) but worst of all, they are noisy at all hours with little regard for the other people who live on the street.  We need more sleep, the lack of sleep has left us irritable and arguing with each other as well as little energy to do all the things we need to do.

So time to get back on track and fix these things as well as post here a lot more!

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