My 2015 Advent Calendars

Beauty Tea Advent Calendars TheFaceShop Benefit Hard Candy DavidsTea

Beauty Tea Advent Calendars TheFaceShop Benefit Hard Candy DavidsTea

Last year was my first year with beauty advent calendars.  I got the advent calendar from The Body Shop and enjoyed having a whole month of beauty stuff to open.  This year, it has doubled in price so I decided against getting one and picked up the DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea instead.  Then I picked up three beauty ones that cost me a little more than the one from The Body Shop would have cost.

THEFACESHOP 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar THEFACESHOP 2015 Closed

Advent Calendar THEFACESHOP 2015 Start

This one is my most recent purchase, THEFACESHOP’s 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar.  Instead of the sample sizes included in many advent calendars, THEFACESHOP went with 24 full size products.  This was $69 in store and I kept going back to look at it, but then the enablers in the Canadian Beauty Bloggers group (cough Sarah from workadaybeauty) pointed out a 25% sale plus free shipping, so I had to have one.  It promises skincare, nail polish, beauty tools and more plus we got adorable Rudolph themed sheet masks with our purchase!

Hard Candy 12 Days of Nail

Advent Calendar Hard Candy 12 Days of Nail

Hard Candy’s 12 Days of Nail was a must have for me.  When I decided against a beauty advent calendar, these popped up in Walmart for under $10.  Hard Candy’s nail polishes are always cute, so worth $10 even if you open them all now.  The added bonus of new stuff in December is always good,  I am busier and don’t always have as much time to shop for new nail polish.

Benefit Party Poppers

Advent Calendar Benefit Party Poppers 2015

Advent Calendar Benefit 12 Days of Beautiful 2015

Another 12 days of beauty with Benefit’s Party Poppers.  I can’t decide whether to mix this one up with Hard Candy to make a 24 day advent calendar or keep them both until they are meant to be opened.  Benefit’s Party Poppers was a Shoppers Beauty Gala buy, lots of points plus I used my $5 coupon against it so it was a deal.

The purchase however has been haunting me ever since.  I said no beauty advent calendars and should have stuck to it.  The 12 Days of Gorgeous Benefit Party Poppers calendar sings when you open it.  Only mine randomly sings at 2am without being touched.  The first time this happened, my boyfriend was away on business – freaky!  I was up the rest of the night sure someone had broken in.  Now it does it randomly all the time.

DavidsTea 24 Days of Tea

Advent Calendar DAVIDSTEA Holiday 2015

Advent Calendar DavidsTea 2015 Boxes

Last, but not least, my original purchase, the DAVIDsTEA advent calendar.  This one comes with 24 little boxes with a mini tea tin and enough tea for a few cups of each.  Each tea is different and is perfect for someone like me who likes to try lots of different teas but doesn’t want to pay for bags of each.

Advent Calendar DavidsTea Loose Tea Instructions2015

Advent Calendar DavidsTea Loose Tea Tin 2015

Each tea comes in an easy to open screw top tin with a clear top so you can see your tea plus the little box for each day has brewing instructions on the back.

Expect to see lots of advent calendar goodies shared over the coming weeks!

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4 Replies to “My 2015 Advent Calendars”

  1. Oh my god what a nightmare with the Benefit calendar! Why would they make it sing? Yuck. Hopefully the products are good at least!

    The David’s Tea calendar keeps on tempting me but I have more than enough tea – and still have some from last year that I haven’t drank! So I reallllly don’t need anymore. BUT IT’S SO PRETTY.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It is super annoying too
      You can hear it here at the start of her video once she takes it out of the bag

  2. I am so jealous o the Benefit calendar! I didn’t see that anywhere! 🙁

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They had them online, at Sephora and SDM. My local Shoppers only had 5 the week before so I was really surprised when I went back on beauty gala day and they were there. Had to change my whole plan for spending $75

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