Alter Ego T’s Double Shot Acetone Additive (IEC Exclusive)

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 4

If you have ever used 100% acetone, you know how strong it is. Using occasionally is fine, but if you soak off gel polish (or worse, acrylics) or change your polish a lot, it can really dry out your cuticles. Alter Ego Acetone Additives are made with glycerin, Vitamin E oil and fragrance oil. It reduces the harshness of acetone while still keeping the full effectiveness of the acetone.

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 2

For the upcoming Indie Expo Canada in August, Alter Ego will have four limited scents. These are exclusive to IEC and will not be available through their website.

  • T’s Double Shot – inspired by the scent of a Timmies Double Double
  • Nana In My Opinion – inspired by the scent of Nanaimo Bars
  • Tale of a Beaver – inspired by the scent of Beaver Tails
  • Maple Everything – self explanatory!

Each has a Canadian inspired scent with something for everyone. I tried out T’s Double Shot, a sweet and creamy coffee based scent.

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusive 3

I find that some coffee scents get that overly roasted scent that hits you as you walk into a cheap coffee shop. T’s Double Shot by Alter Ego has a  sweet and creamy scent due to the inspiration from a Double Double. Not quite French Vanilla sweet, but pretty sweet.

The fragrance is not as strong as some acetone additives. It is definitely there, but not overpowering. Alter Ego’s bottles do have quite a slim neck, so it does take a while to pour out the acetone additive into the bottle of acetone due to their thicker glycerin.

You get 0.5oz which is a generous sized bottle and plenty of fragrance for the 300ml bottle I filled before pouring into the smaller one I keep on my desk. Alter Ego will have other scents available on their website if you can’t make it to Indie Expo Canada.

Alter Ego Ts Double Shot Acetone Additive IEC Exclusives


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