Alter Ego Egomaniacs Chicago Meetup July 2019 Swatches

Alter Ego Egomaniacs July Meetup Exclusive Swatches Bottle Pic

Sorry, this gorgeous beauty is not available for purchase. Alter Ego (part of the Wisconsin Soap Co) had a meetup for their Egomaniacs in Chicago last week and attendees went home with a bottle of this gorgeous polish. No name on this one, but it is a pink based sheer aurora pigment polish that is best used as a topper.

Alter Ego Egomaniacs July Meetup Exclusive Swatch 2

Shown with three coats of the Egomaniacs meetup exclusive, you can see that it is still quite sheer. My nail line is usually quite visible under my lights anyway but this one was visible in natural light too. It is still wearble though and gives a gorgeous glow to your nails.

Alter Ego Egomaniacs July Meetup Exclusive Swatch 2

Look at that golden glow! Makes a nice neutral but still special nail look.

Alter Ego Egomaniacs Meetup Polish Topper Swatches

Egomaniacs July Meetup Exclusive Swatches Swatch Wheel Topper Alter Ego

Since it is best worn as a topper, I tried it over a bunch of colours. It is surprisingly beautiful over silver. I wasn’t sure if the gold would work, but it brought out more of the pink tones too. After that, She’s A Brick House came alive with the pink and golden aurora topper while Women Inherit the World has a similar base tone and gave more coverage.

Hopefully, something similar gets added to the Alter Ego lineup as this one is gorgeous.

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