Going Red With OPI’s Older Polishes *Swatches*

While shopping the other day, I spotted a sign for OPI polishes at 3/$10 in the nail salon.  I can’t turn down a sale on nail polish so started rummaging through the bottles to find some I don’t own.  Most were reds, I am fussy about red polishes as many don’t suit my skin tone and there were no testers so went with some of the darker ones and this cute purple:

OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry Essence Accent Swatch

OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry is from the Spring 2010 Hong Kong collection.  It is quite hard to describe, not quite purple and not quite red.  It has a light shimmer to it but not overly sparkly.  It seems like it wants to be a foil but not quite.  Essence Baby You’re A Firework as an accent to show the difference in sparkle.  A beautiful easy to wear purple toned red, I am surprised I haven’t picked this one up earlier than now, I can see myself wearing it a lot.

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby Swatch

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby is from the Spring 2008 India collection (told you they were older polishes).  It doesn’t look as sparkly in the bottle, almost foil like so I was surprised to see how much glitter is in it when applied.  Despite how dark this burgandy toned polish is, you can almost get away with one coat.  I have one on my baby finger, two on the others and you can see that it is a bit lighter and the sun picks up the glitter more easily.  I added a close up in the top right so you can see just how much glitter is included.

OPI Tease-y Does It Swatch

Finally, OPI Tease-y Does It is from the 2010 Burlesque Holiday collection.  This one is more brown toned than Royal Rajah Ruby and has a lot more multi-toned glitter that gives it more of a red sheen.  The glitter is mostly orange and pink which helps if you find it hard to wear brown polishes.  While you can see the brown tone in this photo, in other lights, it seems almost plum.

Of the three, Meet Me On The Star Ferry is definitely my favourite, but unlike many of my darker toned reds, I can see wearing the other two as well.  The application on all three is great, they are all two coaters but are not bad with the first coat and no streak issues and thick enough not to flood the nail (unlike the one that stained my cuticles before taking a photo of Royal Rajah Ruby).

Tease-y Does It and Royal Rajah Ruby are both discontinued polishes and not available from OPI retailers unless they have old stock but Meet Me On The Star Ferry is still available from Nail Polish Canada so likely in stores too.

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5 Replies to “Going Red With OPI’s Older Polishes *Swatches*”

  1. These are beautiful swatches! I love Meet Me on the Star Ferry – it’s definitely a spring-worthy shade. All of these colours look great you – the reds too!

  2. Love how glossy, firey it is!

  3. I love the first look with the OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry. It’s such a pretty shimmery pink that’s perfect for spring 🙂

  4. I can never pass up a good sale. I think my fav of these is Royal Rajah Ruby because it’s dark, yet still very colourful.

  5. […] it is alphabet nails day, I am trying to do a nail art for each polish so stamped OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry (review here) over Fragrant Freesia in a floral swirl design using one of the stamping plates from the MoYou […]

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