The Lipsticks Always In My Purse

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades 1

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades 1

I was cleaning out my purse and I realized that I keep too many similar lip products in it.  These six are my go to shades.  While not the same, they fairly similar.  Various tones of my lips but better.  Great to keep on me as they match almost anything.

My go to lip shades… are all the same

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades - Swatches 1 Names

I mean really, I could just keep one of these in my purse.  Tarte Living is probably the middle of the shades and a mini to save space too.  They are mostly matte and very much universal nudes.

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades 3

Revlon Audacious Mauve, Nudestix Pulse & Tarteist Festival

Revlon Matte in Audacious Mauve leans more pink than mauve on me.  Comfortable and goes with almost anything, it is the one I usually reach for when I can’t decide what lip colour to wear and need to leave the house right then.

Nudestix Gel Color Lip & Cheek Balm in Pulse is the sheerest of the six I found at the depths of my purse.  It is a nice light brown that you can also use to top up your blush.  My lips are naturally very pale so I tend to layer it on a bit for colour.

Tarteist Lip Paint in Festival is my other go to.  A slightly purple brown tone, it looks amazing on.  It tends to stain my lips, which isn’t terrible as they are so pale naturally and makes it look like it lasts longer.

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades - Swatches 2 Names

The Balm Committed, Tarte Living & Revlon Matte Rise Up Rose

The Balm Committed from the Meet Matte Hughes range I first got in an ipsy or Birchbox years ago.  I bought a full size after using the sample and then was gifted two more minis from a friend who doesn’t like the shade.  Its rare for me to “pan” a colour, so definitely a favourite.  I love the peppermint taste to it too.

Tarte Living was from a Sephora gift and another that I received a second one.  Pays to have friends who wear colours instead of nudes!  This is the lipstick that came with the Paaarty blush that they then changed the colour on for the full size which is so frustrating as both looked great on me.

Revlon Rise Up Rose is from the same collection as Audacious Mauve.  A gorgeous pinky brown colour that works with almost any look.  It is not quite as long lasting as the mauve one for some reason, but both are super comfortable for mattes.

My Perfect My Lips But Better Lipstick Shades 2

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  1. Tarteist Festival is so pretty, both in the packaging and shade! I haven’t tried any of The Balm’s lip products, but that one is really lovely too!

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