Revlon Blushing Swatches & Review (Holochrome Collection)

Revlon Blushing Holochromes Swatches and Review

Revlon Blushing Holochromes Swatches and Review

I recently reviewed the holographic polishes from the new Revlon Holochrome collection.  The “chromes” are more brushed metallics than actual chromes but some nice colours and decent quality for drug store polishes.  Starting with Revlon Blushing which is advertised as a rose gold but is more pink with a flash of gold.

Check back this week when I review the rest of the collection including a silver, cool gold and a beautiful duochrome.

Revlon Blushing Swatches (HoloChrome Collection)

Revlon Blushing Swatches Holochrome 2017 Collection

As with the holographic part of the collection, your opinion of these polishes will depend a lot on whether you usually buy indie polishes or chrome powders where you are likely to have an actual chrome finish.  But for someone who wants to shop in store and stick to polish, I am impressed with Revlon bringing a collection like the HoloChromes to the drug store.

Revlon Blushing Holochromes Swatches and Review - Closeup

Revlon Blushing is a light pink with a hint of peach and a nice gold flash.  Like most metallics, it does suffer from brush strokes.  It does have decent opacity so you don’t need too many coats.  I used two for full opacity but will try them for stamping at some point as they are fairly opaque.

Revlon Blushing Holochromes Swatches and Review - Closeups

The chromes are not nearly as special to me as the holos as there are a number of brands with metallic polishes.  They are far from a Chrome finish, but I have not seen true Chromes that are not powders anyway, so to be expected from Revlon Blushing.  Again, not the rose gold I hoped for but it manages that frosty pink metallic colour without looking like the polish your grandma wears too.

Revlon Blushing (Brushed Chrome Metallic) Polish Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats (shown with top coat)
  • Dry time:  good
  • Wear time: good, I wore it for two days and it still looked decent.  I am hard on my nails so 3-4 days is max for most polishes.
  • Issues: Some brush strokes as is common with metallic polishes
  • Colour: pink with a hint of peach and a gold flash
  • Buy It:  Major drug stores and anywhere else that sells Revlon nail polish.  Look for it in special displays.

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  1. kristen visser says: Reply

    wow that color is stunning! i love the blush tones and the added sparkle gives it a little extra. I will totally rock that color

  2. It’s so pretty! I’m thinking this is a good gift idea this year 😉

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