LA Colors Supernatural Palette Swatches & Review

LA Colours Supernatural 12 Shadow Palette Review

I picked up a bunch of LA Colors palettes to see if they are any good for the low price point.  Obviously, I am not expecting miracles from them but for colours I rarely wear, it is nice to have an affordable option out there.

The first one I tried is LA Colors 12 Eyeshadow Palette in Supernatural.  All blue and grey tones, it is meant to give you everything you need for a blue smokey eye look. The plastic packaging is as you would expect for dollar store quality palettes but hard to open so watch your nails if freshly done.

LA Colours Supernatural 12 Shadow Palette Reviews

The LA Colors Supernatural eyeshadow palette contains a mix of mattes and shimmers.

LA Colors Supernatural Eyeshadow Swatches – Dry Application

LA Colours Supernatural 12 Shadow Palette Swatches

The colours are very powdery but apply better with a damp brush.  I swatched them dry using the sponge applicator (shown column 1,3, 2, 4 as they were in two rows on my arm).  No primer and they were very patchy with a lot of fallout.  The white was surprisingly opaque, as was the bright blue top right in the palette.

These rubbed off easily on contact so the palette is not super usable dry.  With a stamp application, however, they are much more colourful.  The shimmers do have glitter sprayed on so they are better on the surface of the shadows than when panned.

LA Colors Supernatural Eyeshadow Swatches – Damp Application with Primer

LA Colours Supernatural 12 Shadow Palette Swatches with Primer A

white – light silvery grey – medium grey with shimmer – light blue with shimmer – medium/dark green – medium/dark blue with shimmer

With primer and a damp brush, they apply and little better and last longer.  The metallics/shimmers show better wet but that is the case with even more expensive shadows.  The green shade medium blue below it in the palette both stained a little where applied wet below the primer.

LA Colours Supernatural 12 Shadow Palette Swatches with Primer 2

bright light blue – purple toned medium blue – navy with shimmer – bright medium blue with sparkle – medium grey shimmer – black with blue shimmer

The brighter shades on these swatches also stained but definitely pack more of a punch applied wet.  The brighter blues were the worst for staining but the navy sparkly shade also left a faint stain behind.

You can pick up LA Colors palettes at Dollar Tree so honestly, I wasn’t expecting much but the blues would work well if applied wet on the odd occasion I wanted a bright pop and didn’t have a colour in a more expensive palette.

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