Eggnog Tea Latte Tips

Eggnogg Latte with Davidstea Gingerbread Tea

Eggnog Latte with Davidstea Gingerbread Tea

Eggnog is perfect for the holidays but what about creating those Starbucks eggnog lattes at home?  Eggnog obviously has a lot of flavour compared to milk so you need to go with a fairly strong flavoured tea.  Starbucks uses Chai but anything fairly spicy or rich would work.  I wouldn’t go too sweet personally as it has enough sweetness but I also don’t add sweetener to most teas. I went with DAVIDsTEA Gingerbread for my eggnog tea latte.  Other teas that could work are

  • Any chai but especially something like Cinnamon Rooibos Chai
  • Cardamom French Toast
  • Creme Caramel Rooibos
  • Jumpy Monkey (never tried this as a latte but don’t see why it wouldn’t work)
  • Cardamom Macchiato
  • Hot Chocolate Tea
  • Coffee Puerh

How Well Does Eggnog Foam at Home For Lattes?

Eggnog Latte with Davidstea Gingerbread Tea 2

Since eggnog is fairly thick and sweet, It foams well if fresh.  A jug that has been open for a while might be a different story.  In an electric milk frother, you get thick creamy foam with very little left as “milk” at the bottom of the frother.  This leaves you with a nice strong tea and good separation between the tea and foam.  I like to pour in a little and stir to get milkier tea then add the rest of the foamed eggnog on top.

Since it is so thick, it might be more work with a handheld frother.  If you are looking to upgrade, there are some recommendations here for affordable electric milk frothers and accessories.

The froth lasts for ages too and holds up well to sprinkles, cinnamon, cocoa or anything elese you want to add to the top of your eggnog latte.

Eggnog Latte with Davidstea Gingerbread Tea 3

Eggnog is hard to find by the end of January, so try that eggnog latte soon and let me know what tea you paired with it.


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